Monday, December 22, 2008

More snow.

Finally got outside with the camera. It is very hard to take pictures with gloves on but I seeded to manages.

The top picture is Buster, Tater and George. I think they wondered what the heck I was doing out there. They had spent the night in their shed together. The second picture is Oliver peeking out from his house. He has had that big dog house since he was little. Every year he dings it up a little more playing. He has a real nest in there. He is getting old but is as playful as ever.
The next picture is Sequoia. He is a sweet old pony. We did not need him but we love him. Every family with grandchildren should have a pony like him. The next picture is from our deck. It looked like a Christmas Card to me.
The last picture is some ice chests Bob didn't get put away after elk hunting. I thought they looked like big marshmallows.
I have the fudge done, talked to one of our granddaughters today and made arrangements to pick her up tomorrow afternoon. She will stay till Christmas Eve is done. I had hoped she would come out today but she is 17 and Grandma and Grandpa are not near as important. I have the neighbors baskets ready for Bob to deliver tomorrow.
I wish Nikki and her family were going to be here for Christmas eve. Its been such a long time since they came at Christmas. I understand her reasoning but once more I would love to have all of them together. I continue to give thanks for the Thanksgiving just before Scott died how we were all together and such a fun day and took lots of pictures. There will never be another day like that. I don't mean to be maudlin but just a Christmas wish that all my kids would be here together. Not this year and I will enjoy every single one that can come.
I put the three horses out today while I was taking pictures. Dixie was so sweet. She just was so glad to see me. She cuddled right up to me when I was putting her halter on. Loved it. Ditto just plodded along. And Pepper wanted to play as usual. He makes it hard to walk beside him when he is skipping along. He knows better too. He doesn't do that with Bob but he wants to. Its cold and crisp and he just wants to have fun.
Are you reading The Serenity Room Blog or Nikki's blog Life With Boys or my sisters - Penny the Neighborhood Dog. They are worth reading.


  1. Snow, snow, go away...

    Have you visited MiKaela's blog? Rising on her name from my comments. She has a great poem that I know you'll love!

  2. Mom atleast the icechests will stay VERY cold. :-) Love ya.

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog, The Serenity Gate. I'm really excited about my giveaway. Wishing you luck!!

  4. Lea--I love the picture of Oliver--that could easily make a professional Christmas card. I love my goats. I may breed one of my little pygymy does this year so I can have some babies around here again.

    We've been very busy last weekend with family--grandkids and kids came for an early Christmas here in Spokane. So, I'm catching up with your blog, and I just saw that you had a tragedy occur. I'm so sorry for you.

    Sadly, we had something similar occur here.

    Our kids and grandkids brought their family dog, Pepper, with them as they always do. She was in the truck with my husband getting hay for the horses--(the grandkids were in the truck, too) she jumped out--and ran under the back wheel. She died instantly and everyone was heart-broken.

    We wanted to give them a special Christmas and instead we took away their dog. Irreplaceable. My husband is really shook up.

    I'm so sorry the same thing happened to you and Bob.

  5. Oh Linda, how sad. It hard. Are your grandkids OK. Oh these pets get into your heart. Don't they. I was just telling Bob and he got teary and said oh her husband. It was so hard on him. Merry Christmas otherwise to all your family.