Thursday, January 15, 2009

Freezing Fog

Rusty, isn't that a face? Beautiful to me, don't know if she can see out but love looking at it. The white on her main on the ends is frozen fog. I am sorry it did not show up as clearly in the picture. For those that don't know, she is from Beautty's Butte in Oregon.
I feel so bad for my blogger friend Barbara. She and her husband lost their beloved lab yesterday. Tai was 14 or 15 years old. It hurts so bad, I know.
Also my friend Andi in Burns, Oregon lost her mother last weekend. Feel bad for her. She was, and is, leaving tomorrow for Santa Fe, NM to help with things and she did intend to see her mother. Bless her heart. I know how it feels to lose ones mother. -
I don't want to gripe about this weather so I won't say I am sick and tired of looking out to see lots of white. Could not even see our mailbox just across the road in front of the house today. Makes one want to say something really bad. REALLY bad.
Pepper surely does try ones patience at times. Yesterday he nearly nocked me down getting by the mares coming in. SO, this evening I took the lunge whip with me when I went to let the girls in. I let the girls in and shut their stall doors before I let him in or he runs in with Dixie and tries to take her food. Now he knows where his stall is, so when I went to let him in he ran by me with his head up like stop me, I dare you. Then he stopped at the hay in the barn and looked at me like, this is where I am going tonight. He would no move. I popped him on the rear with the lunge whip and he trotted down and into his stall, swung around and stomped his foot at me. I laughed at him. He is such a character. He can be so naughty but he will pack any little kid around. Never doing anything bad. He does have a personality plus though.
Tonight is all you have to comment on the blog so you go into the drawing for the book. I know you will enjoy it. I will draw when I get up in the morning. Remember The Serenity Room blog is having a great giveaway too.