Thursday, June 13, 2013

 Chico's little white nose..  It is so cute.  I kiss it but he does not like that so much.
 Five days old here.  He kind of was down on his hind pasterns at first but today he is walking upright.  That is a relief.  I couldn't remember if our other babies had done that or not.
See the swirls on his forehead.  I will be wondering if the circles will stay or go away as he gets older.  He is a cutie for sure.

I am going to post directions to our Mustang Ride tomorrow AM here as well as on Face book.  Can't remember the entire name of the place but it is Saltese something or other.  Going east on I90, take the Barker Rd. exit, Left on Sprauge to Henry Rd..  I think that only turns one direction.  Go 1 to 2 miles to the trail head .  There is a pit toilet and a gravel parking lot that will accommodate a lot of trailers.  From Idaho get off the freeway at the Liberty Lake exit, left back over the freeway to  E. Country Vista Dr.  2nd. light, about 1 mile to Henry Rd., turn L.  Hope you can make it.

I am hoping to ride Sage.  We will see.  There has to be a first time and last summer I did ride her on trails so I should not be so leery.