Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday, January 30th

Rosie is a registered American Paint Pony. She is registered as Wild Rose but has always been Rosie since the day we got her. Bob owned and Operated Roto Rooter Sewer Servicer for 30 plus years. He was doing a job in Mead and this 3 year old pinto pony was in the back yard in a small pen. He asked about her and was given the owners name and phone number in Oregon. They wanted to sell her. That evening we went back and looked at her when he had more time. He hopped on her back and rode her around with just a halter and lead rope. The lady said be careful, she bucks. She has been with a trainer and they sent her back because they could not control her. Being the intelligent people we are, we bough her anyway. She has never bucked except when 3 larger grandkids tried to get on her and she said no thanks, and they went off. Actually it was pretty funny. Tyler and Katie were playing around one fall day with the ponies. They both rode with halters and leadropes. Rosie really is an awsome pony. She is 13 hands so a small adult can ride her and not be too much. She loves attention. She has had one baby. He was born on a stormy May evening and we named him, of course, Stormy. He is a with a young girl over on the coast doing beginner dressage and eventing.

She, we believe is half Welsh Pony and half Tobiano Paint. She was bought originally at a horse auction and was pregnant. She was too young and thankfull aborted the foal. She was bought at the auction by the people we bought her from

Rosie gets furry like a Yak or a Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear. She is way low on the totem pole in the pasture. She can be a stinker to catch if she thinks she has to go to work. She is an awesome beginner horse. If I am giving lessons to a beginner and they are small, she is who we start on. She will let kids hug on her and kiss on her and swing on her legs.

A couple of summers ago Bob and our grandson Ryan went on a packing trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. They took Rosie for a pack horse. In fact Bob has taken her 4/5 times. She is a sturdy critter and does not mind packing at all. This picture was taken off of the BCH Calendar our group is selling. Bob and Ryan ,Rosie Pepper and Raven had a wonderful time. She has had a couple of funny things happen. One time on a previous trip the pack got a little lopsided and she got off balance and finall laid down and with the packs ended up flat on her back with all four legs in the air. they were so busy getting her back on her feet no one took a picture. It would have been a good one.

She did lead line at shows for 2 years with Micheala. She won everything. Not the best pictures, I took them from other pictures. She carried her like she was carrying eggs.

But this is what she likes to do the best. I have all kinds of trophies, ribbons, placques that I wond driving her. I have 2 buggies and a sleigh. People in our neighborhood are used to seeing me go down the road with her. We have been known to load a grandkid or 2 and lunch and be gone most of the day just ambling the backroads here on the West Plains. She is about unflappable in harness.
So that is my Rosie. She will never leave here. I have turned down large amounts for her when I was showing her. It is very hard to find a do it all, gentle pony and we are blessed to have her. Her only fault is getting too fat. She is a very easy keeper.
Our Mustang Club met last night and planned some things. No for sure dates yet but when we have them all buttoned down I will certainly post them here.It is so good to get together with our mustangy friends and talk about and laugh about our horses and to just chat with our friends.
Don't forget Serenity Room Blog, its worthy of a look.
I think tomorrow will be Yuma.