Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thankful Tuesday May 19

Today I am very thankful for life. My life in particular. For some reason I never thought I would live to see my 70's. Don't know why, I just didn't and here I am 71, still loving my horses and riding every chance I have. I have survived 6 children and several pregnancies that ended in miscarriages. I have survived a near heart attack and heart surgery. I survived a stroke with no lasting effects. I survived a bad case of viral pneumonia. I have four loving adult children with children of their own. I have 17 grandchildren that love me. I have four sweet great grandchildren. I have a loving sister who cares about me unconditionally. I have an adoring husband of almost 52 years that still calls me Baby in the most loving of ways. I have a sweet little dog - a poodle- that gets excited when I come home. I have 2 daughters in law that love me for just who i am. I could go on and on. That is my thankful day. No gift could be greater than that.