Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow and more snow

Rusty has a place to get out of it, but she had been in the round pen until I showed up and she went to the pen. Then I went over to the other horses and was going to get some pictures of them, they all looked the same as Rusty but the battery in my camera went dead so no pictures of the pathetic looking critters. They had shelter too but instead they stood out in the snow. Yuma yelled at me wanting food. It was 1 in the afternoon. No supper yet.

I baked half of the sugar cookies today. Will do the rest of them tomorrow and I baked snicker doodles too. I put them in a secret place. I also baked 2 more loaves of zucchini bread. Tyler keeps telling me its almost as good as his mothers but not quite. I need to go get groceries tomorrow to finish cookies and to make some fudge. I guess I did not plan very well. I did not want to go this evening.

We have about 15 inches of fresh snow and we are having a heat wave. It is 14 degrees. The snow is really light and fluffy. From the looks on the news downtown Spokane was in a deadlock. All the roads leading from town are up hills unless you are going to the valley. Even north division was closed because a milk truck got stuck. I am glad we are out in the country and did not have to go anywhere.

Remember the Serenity Room blog that I mentioned yesterday. She is having another give away and I get extra entries for mentioning it. I love that blog even if I don't win. AND, Andrea your prize got here and we had pancakes and eggs for dinner last night. It was wonderful. Thank you so much.