Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I fully intended to have pictures for this post but an incident yesterday took care of that.  I had my small camera in my pocket and got on and rode Sage around in the round pen warming her up.  She was perfect AND then we went to ride out of the round pen through the hoop gate.  I did not duck fast enough, hit my head and unseated my self.  Off I went over her rear.  I reached up to try to catch me but I fell to the ground and landed on my ankle.  It is not broken but painful and can not walk well. 

Sage looked around at me like "What are you doing down there?"  Then she went off to eat where she could find some grass still growing.  Bob got to me and I told him to get Sage.  He put her in her stall and by that time I had my boot off.  If I hadn't I don't think I could have.  I did get a pair of lace up boots on today so we can go eat but I won't be walking much. 

Tomorrow, these boots will go back on and if the wind is not blowing a gale I am going to ride rain or snow!!!!  Sage did nothing wrong, this was all my fault.    Lots of ice and Excedrin has got me to this point.

After we eat (we are going out)we are going to go visit some friends.  Lots of invites but we just wanted to do this for once.  Our Spokane kids are all working and could have gone to any number of places but this is our choice this year.

So again, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  I am awestruck at the amount of people who read this blog.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Another day in the life of us on our little farm.  This morning I wasn't even up yet.  Bob brought me in the paper which he does almost every morning.  He was looking out the window and who should go galloping by - Chico.  We very quickly got into out outside clothes and got out the door.  We found him out behind the barn.  When he saw me he ran to me like mom there you are BUT he would not let me get a hold of his halter.  So, I said you get back where you belong buster and guess what, he did.  Trotted right over and into his pen.  I made over him and told him he was a really good boy.  So now, his gate has a latch on it not just the chain thru the slit.  He is smart.  I know he opened it by himself with his mouth.

Bob had a doctor appointment today.  He had a lump on the back of his tongue.  He got an excellent report.  He just has a lumpy tongue.

After the doctor report we went to Big R and got me a pair of bib overalls - heavy cold weather type.  Not Carhart but the same.  Now I can go ride and not turn into a Popsicle.I had warm coats but nothing that kept my legs and body warm.  I have to dig out my winter insulated boots too.    Now I can go ride and enjoy it. 

Tomorrow I have brunch with my special friend Lisa.  Love her so much and we will talk until she has to leave for work.  It will be a great time. 


Monday, November 25, 2013

Whew, a weekend gone by and it was a good one.  We had an appointment to show Stella after church Sunday to some neat people.  After a great service at Turning Point Open Bible Church we scurried home and got Stella looking her best.  Anita and Annie came and not only did they buy Stella for Annie's girls but they took Peanut Butter for Annie's brother.  We were so blessed.  We know the home and it will be a good one.  I am thrilled.  We had been trying for months but I am fussy about who bought them.  It was certainly an answer to prayer.

Today after the Line Dancing class that I take, I went to the fabric store and on the way home I stopped by a friends home to see her.  I talk to her on Face Book but have not seen her face to face in a long time.  It was so good to see her and her husband.  We have been friends too long not to stop in and talk a while.  She lives close to the road we go to town on often. 

I have not ridden in a few days, just too cold.  I hope to go by Big R while we are in town tomorrow and get a pair of coveralls so I can go out and not feel like an ice cube.  I did mess with Sage yesterday some but just too cold to ride. 

Blessings to you all.  Maybe pictures one day soon. 


Thursday, November 21, 2013

I did not realize it had been 10 days since I have written here.  I guess it is because nothing much has been going on.  I have ridden a few times and Sage has been great but we have had a lot of rain and now it is VERY cold.  It was about 5 when we got up this morning.  I just have not been too inspired to get out and ride when it is so cold.

I cut the squares out for another quilt yesterday and today matched the squares up and put them each in a little pile - its a 9 patch scrappy quilt so each 9 pieces get pinned together. 

This darn cough is better but my sinuses aren't.  Guess I will have to break down and go to the doctor.  Bob has an appointment next Tuesday with an ENT for a problem he has in his mouth. 

The rest of the horses are just fine.  Bob really enjoyed riding Raven on his hunting trip.  I know he rode trails that I would have been slightly hysterical going on.  She sure came home not so fat as when she left for positive. 

Do take care and I hope I have enough sense to not let 10 days go by again.  Every blog I read I go to every day or so and am disappointed when there is nothing new, so I am sorry folks.  No excuse, just off my rocker I guess.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Two of the pictures for Sage's registration with the Mustang Horse and Burro Association.  No real need to register her but I want to.  And I am going to get some nice halter pictures of her for a halter class done online.  They will keep track of trail riding and such and have awards.  Fun to do with her and not drag her to real horse shows.  I liked to show when I was younger but now i want to trail ride.

Today we had an awesome ride.  First we rode around cows big pasture.  She did not mind the cows, she is used to them.  There were some things that worried her but we had not ridden out there before.  Then we rode up and down the driveway.  She balked a little, actually a lot going out the drive but when she would do it after about 4 times, we went across the road and rode different places than we had before.  She liked it and we climbed over a couple of places where there are big rocks and she did that well.  I am so proud of her.

I am still hacking with this cough.  It seems some better though.  I am just really REALLY tired of it.  Five weeks now. 

Blessings to you all,


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I am sorry I have been so bad about keeping this up.  Besides being feeling really cruddy with a cold and cough that doesn't seem to go away and Bob went Elk Hunting and I had to animals all to myself.

Love this picture of the quail.  I was taking pictures of magpies and looked the other way and there was a flock of the pretty little things.  I took a ton of pictures and this was my favorite.

I have not got to ride this past week.  It is cold and very nasty out.  The cold I can dress for but the sloppy nasty stuff, not so much.  We had 3" of snow the other night.  I could ride in it if the sky would cooperate but a big old rain storm is supposed to blow in tonight.

Last weekend I went to Yakima to the Washington State Horsemen 72nd. annual convention.    I am so previleged to be a part of such a great organization that not only has all kinds of equine activities but supposts legistation that involves all of us with animals.

I am entering Sage in an online Halter horse show put on by the National Mustang and Burro organization.  I can't remember the exact name.  I hope she does well.  I will enter her into a mares 3 - 6 and a  color class.  We will see how she does.

Blessings to you all,