Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

So on the 12th. day of Christmas I have Twelve (and I counted again) chocolate bells. And yes I will probably eat them all.
This evening Bob and went in to Sheya's Winter Concert. It is so hard not to laugh at the first year band and orchestra. The choir sounded wonderful though. Sheya loves to sing.

Our little Sheya Bug singing away. She was so glad we came. Her theory is, her brothers both being musicians are going to play and she will sing and they will be the Williams Trio. So keep your ears tuned for this up and coming group. I don't know what the boys think of her brain storm though.

I got quite a bit accomplished today, all in the house. The scabbing on my hand is about gone and when it is I can go pet my horse. No taking a hold of a rope or anything but it will be good to get my hands on her and give her a big hug. My hand is still sore but he said 6 weeks and I guess he knew what he was talking about. (Chuckle)

Life keeps rolling on towards Christmas. I must get my sisters package in the mail and my cards too. This is the slowest I have every been.

Peace on earth,



Be back later, just wanted to tell you I could too count. That is 10 ice cubes. Obviously I could not count last night. Sigh.