Sunday, December 14, 2008

2nd Sunday of Advent

The Advent Wreath with 2 candles lit. The cupboard it is sitting on is a cherry wood cabinet that belonged originally to Bob's grandparents. Its a beautiful piece of furniture. It has a mirror in the middle behind the wreath.

What a nasty cold day. Well maybe not as nasty as yesterday but colder. We went to Walmart after church and I though my face was going to freeze between the car and the store. Its the wind. Not as bad as earlier but ANY is too much when the temperature is 0. It was -4 when we went to church thru Airway Heights this morning and according to the weatherman it is supposed to be colder tonight. Bob is doing the outdoor chores. I didn't even go out to help him this evening.

My sister has just begun writing a blog. It is called The Life and Times of Penny the Neighborhood dog. Its about their chocolate lab Penny. Go read it. She had trepidation about putting it on Blogspot. She was afraid it would mess her computer up. I told her it wouldn't. Sharon is much smarter on the computer than I am but I wanted her to put it on Blogspot rather than on My Space. I don't go there but rarely. She has been asked to write it and submit it to their newspaper. Hope she does. She has a real sense of humor and is able to put it down on paper (here). She took our mother to Key West, Florida a lot of years ago and her diary of their trip is a riot. Wish she would have it published. More - I hope she still has it. It was in the hippy era and poor mother, I am sure she was horrified. I was with mother in New Orleans once and I thought she was going to pass out on me. She clutched her purse to her chest and wanted out of the French Quarter. A funny memory.

Now that I have meandered around, the animals are doing well. The horses have heaters as do the cows. Heaters in the water I mean. Bob is carrying hot water to the chickens and goat 3x a day. He fed everything extra this evening.


  1. We had problems with our automatic waterers, but we hope it's fixed. It's so cold the poop is freezing--gotta love it--stalls are staying cleaner! We may have to get together in warmer times--I don't think you or I will be doing much when it reaches -17 degrees!!

  2. You are right Linda. I don't like this too much.