Monday, August 16, 2010

One thousand blessings continued.

I forgot to add them to my blog this evening and having trouble going to sleep so decided to just get up and do some. I got numbers mixed up day l and 2 so the Number I am starting with is
57. Hot water
58 Grandson Christopher that has decided not be family right now but we still love him
59Arawyn his daughter and we call her Tinkerbelle
60Dustin our first born to us grandchild
61 Joel so different from his brother
62 Heather Joels wife and our first granddaughter in law.She is sweet
63. Lilianna their first daughter we call her princess
64. Nathaniel a happy 8 month old with big grins
65. Tyler the grandson that set aside his life for 2 years to come help his grandpa when he really needed it.
66.Bryant with the soft heart
67. Lane who lives for bugs
68. Isaac who is the funniest 6 year old I know
69Artie who disappeared about 7 years ago. We know where he is not but not where he is.
70 Deanna his sister that lives in Maryland
71 Andrew
72 Arren brothers that can't wait to come back to WA when they are old enough,.
72. Robby out son Scott's pride and job
73 Tabby his partner and mother of their daughters
74. Kiyanna
75 Piper their two little girls
76Coreen, the child of Scott's heart. She grieved for her daddy
77 Hand lotion
78 Shampoo
79. Conditioner for my hair
80. Dishwashers
81. Washing machines
82 Dryers
82 Peace
83swimming pools
84. ability to swim
85. Skeeter - my sweet poodle
86. Maggie our golden lab x
87. Pistol Bob's puppy
88. Trouble our house kitty
89 The barn kitties
91 Balloons
92 Daisies
93 memories
94. Daffodils
95 Buttercups
96 My car
98 Joy unspeakable and full of glory
99. Love
100. Screen Doors
101 Flyswatters
108Digital cameras.
109Fresh Tomatoes
ll0 Printers
111. Computers
112 E Mail
113 Bug spray
115 Face book
116Craig's List
117 Doctors
118 Medicine
119 Faith
120 White farm fences.
121 Strawberry Shortcake
122 my large jetted bathtub
123 Big fluffy towels
125 my miniature horse collection that I started at age 7

So that's my list tonight. I will to it tomorrow..

Errands, laundry ect.

Bob did not get as much touching as he had hoped but made headway none the less. He can do more with a rope than I could ever imagine.
She did not like the rope around her nose at all.

Just a few of the tomatoes that are coming. I certainly hope that some of them get ripe so we can eat them.

Nikki, if you look at this, please show these potato plants to Lane. He wanted to plant them when he was here. I told him where to plant them and he did. They are growing like mad.
Just ran errands today. Had the car serviced. I was going to have it washed but Bob is going to drive it for his work tomorrow so I didn't. Went and got some calf food and some fly spray for the horses. Tomorrow Steve is going to get the hand rails for the front porch done. He did some finishing out there today and then repaired a pipe that broke out in the pasture.
Hope you had a great weekend.