Friday, September 16, 2011

Still looking

The apples are turning. A sure sign that fall is upon us.

I rode Sage today and some things were good but some were not. I am going to try Katie's built up pad. Mine, the built of part is pretty much squished down. We tried moving the saddle back a little way, that helped some but it inched forward as I rode and she got yantsy with her right shoulder. It seems to move farther back or something is not right on that side. I really can not get any good long rides on her until we get that fixed. She flexed really good today. I was happy about that. I rode without Bob on the end of the lounge line. She walked out a little better then. I think when we get this saddle issue worked out she will be ready to take to the arena and ride. Not until though.

Have about 10 pounds of tomatoes to get into the freezer tomorrow. Its wonderful. I don't know what happened to the pumpkins, they look like yellow squash. I know I planted jack o lantern pumpkins. Cucumbers were a bust, the squash (winter) are not too good either. Lots of vines, not many squash and they are small. The zucchini did well, beans did well and the broccoli did well and of course the tomatoes. I planted half as many this year and still got loads. Have tons still green.

That was my day I guess. My arm feels much better. I knew it would. I am all flu shot done.