Sunday, September 30, 2012

Moon River

I am not making light of one of my favorite songs of all times nor Andy Williams who had such a wonderful voice. 

But the moon tonight was beautiful.  I wish I had thought to put my long lens on my camera.  Then, our daughter's dog - River.  Isn't she cute. 

They are moving over to the Seattle area later this week and are staying here.  River wonders where she is and why.  I hate to see them move.  Half of my kids will be over there - both girls and their families and the boys will be here with their families.  I am lonesome already and they haven't left yet.

Nothing too exciting all day.  Got groceries and layed around.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Katies Shower

 Her cake was so cute.  I had seen in on Pinterest and that is where Cindy saw it and got a friend of Cam's sister to make it.  Such a great job.  I has seen it on the Internet and shown Katie several months ago.  Katie is a cake decorator at the bakery at Fairchild AFB and wanted her to see it. 
This quilt was something that made us all cry.  Her Grandmother Jordan had made the Precious Moments crossed stitched quilt squares so her great grand children would have something she made.  When she died several years ago no one wanted the squares (can you believe that) so Katie's mom Judy took them and had a quilt made using six of the squares for Katie to have for Justin.  The two darker green squares have scriptures from Psalms embroidered on it.  It is a beautiful thing.  She probably will never use it but put it away for Justin to have.  I hope she will use it to bring him home from the hospital before she puts it away.

It was a good day for her and for all of us.  Cindy, her MIL decorated and had a beautiful lunch for us all.  She is a very nice lady.

Bob was off turkey hunting when I got home so I did all the chores.  Sage and Ditto were standing there telling me not to forget them.  Maybe I will ride tomorrow.  Who knows.  Raspberry is so funny when I put her in.  She always goes straight to the chicken house to snatch chicken feed before I get a hold of her and drag her out. 

Have a great Sunday,

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tom turns 40

 My baby boy turned 40 this week.  Makes me feel terribly old.  We took he and Christy out to eat tonight minus children.  Children upset but oh well, it was their daddy's night.
 These are two flowers for my quilted pillow.  Kind of funny looking huh?  I have to make more.  Hopefully I will get better at it.  This has been the most frustrating part of it.
Baby Sage in her spot in the front yard.  Now to paint her.  I am not sure what kind of paint to get.  Will have to ask Marilyn when I see her the next time.

I woke up feeling a little queasy.  Went back to bed and slept a while and felt better.  Now we went out to eat and I am feeling kind of icky.  Must be on my toes tomorrow for Katie's shower at her mother in laws.  That is what I made the blankets for.

So saying that I think I will crawl in bed and see if I can just sleep this off. 


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fair Pics

 This big ole steer is a Watusi from Africa I believe.  If stretched out he horns were 8'.  A really big guy.  Calm and quiet.

A miniature horse and her baby that was just a few days old when the fair started.  Both of these critters were in the petting part of the fair.  Kids (and adults) were loving the variety of animals they had this year.  Of course chickens, goats, bunnies and Pot Bellied pigs.  There was a Zebu too.  Looked like a Brahma but wasn't.  He was big too.

Sage came up and wanted me to come get her today.  I petted and hugged on her.  I love it when she does that.

We sold the tractor that Bob did not use, the old manure spreader and the rabbits today.  We needed the money for taxes.  Actually we sold the tractor the other day but today he came and paid for it.  Steve came out and started the horse shelter so we have a place for Marilyn's horses to get out of the weather this winter and he almost got my chicken house built for my banty chickens that Shannon raised for me.  Bob will finish it.  Can't wait to get them home.  We need some big laying hens too.  We have the market for the eggs and our hens are getting old and don't lay as much.

Tomorrow I am going to a quilting get together with my friend Vicki.  I know they are all more experienced than me but I will do the best I can.  Then tomorrow evening is our Mustang Club meeting.  Love getting together with that group. 

My baby kitties are getting bigger.  They think I am their mother.  They hear me talk or go into that room and they start crying. 


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This morning I took some sweet pictures of Katie in her late stage of pregnancy.  I can not get any of the others to load for some silly reason.  I guess I just have to keep messing with it to get it figured out.

I worked with Sage some today.  She does not like where I have her.  She wants to be closer to the house.  I should have ridden her but didn't.  She is so pretty.


Monday, September 24, 2012

This and That

Our sunset tonight.  The sun is so red through the smoke from Central Washington.  The fires are still going strong.

One of the two very wild kittens we found in the loft in the barn.  They appear to be a week or 10 days older than our little ones I have fed.  Feisty little things.  Bob had to hold it at arms length to keep from getting clawed or bitten.

Skeeter giving little Piggy aka Slate a good lick after the little guy had eaten.  I was worried he would hurt them and maybe he would but Bob had a hold of them.

I don't know how to get the picture of the squash to move over.  At least I got the picture here.  This is a sweet meat squash.  Probably it weighs about 20#.  We got two off of lots of vines.

A good day more or less.  This smoke has given me a headache day after day.  If we just could get some rain and wash out the air

Marilyn and Dave's horses are here while they get moved and things under better control for them.  This is a really hard time in their lives.  Wish there was something more we could do.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Pictures from the other day

Finally got the pictures I wanted the other day. 

The apples are not quite ready to eat.  I tried one today, a little too sour yet.  I like them a little on the sour side but this was a little too cheek puckering for me.

Don't you love my baby horse.  We will move it out by the maple tree in the front yard.  I will get some paint and repaint him black and white when I get to Walmart the next time.  He looks like an authentic baby foal. 

It is good to have Bob home.  I will sort through his pictures when he gets the card back from the other Bob.  It is in his laptop.  I had a chuckle when I went to get it from my camera and there was no card there.  Just the blank card shaped thingy that goes into the card reader on his laptop. 

We lost the little white spotted kitten this morning.  I knew it wasn't good last night.  Feel bad, that was my favorite.  The other two are real characters.  Both are active and eat good. We are going to start to try to get them to drink from a little dish.  They are old enough.  I hated losing one but if we hadn't intervened all 5 would have been lost.

Nothing else exciting going on here.  Just life on the farm with us and all the critters.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

A picture, wahoo.

Bob and his brother, Jackie and I at Carmen's birthday party a couple of years ago.  I think that might be the last picture of the four of us.  Jackie is very limited in physical movement.  She has been in and out of hospitals and nursing homes but is home at the moment.

Bob got home safely this afternoon.  He is tired and glad to be able to relax.  He was not too impressed with North Dakota.  He did go to Walmart and buy a warmer jacket.

I think I may have the picture problem solved but I just downloaded this one.  Bob has a card full that I will look at tomorrow.  The smoke is still bad.  I am tired of hacking and hacking because of it.  I can not believe how bad it must be living closer to the fires. 


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dang Blogger

I had pictures ready to load and guess what - blogger has changed my program and I can't figure out how to get pictures on.  I got them to load them and then they were huge and only one came up.  It just showed showed a small portion of the picture.  Dang nab it anyway.  HELP. 

I took some pictures of my new yard ornament that Marilyn gave me.  Its a life sized foal.  It is darling.  They are moving and didn't want to leave it nor does she have room for it.  I am going to repaint it probably not till spring though.

I have Katie's blankets about done.  Will finish them tomorrow.  Love the feel of new flannel. 

Our apples are going to be ripe soon.  They are pretty sour yet.  Braeburns I think.  Sharon and Brownie got us the tree not too long after we moved here. 

Blessings to you all......................

Monday, September 17, 2012

A day in the life of................

No pictures today and nothing too exciting.  Bob just called and its cold and dreary in Jamestown, North Dakota.  They will have to work all day tomorrow to get the job close to being done.  That makes him home Thursday or Friday.  That's OK, I have things under control here at least for the time being.

Today was Katie and my Monday out.  She has a problem and the doctor is pretty sure that she will deliver early.  I hate when they tell pregnant mothers that because if they don't, then its a big disappointments.  We had our toenails done.  Loved pedicures.  It feels so good.  She can't reach hers so it was great to get some TLC.   We got her some emergency small clothes.  I got some material to make her some receiving blankets.  I will start on them later.  I could not believe that at her shower she got none.  Well, she will have 3 nice big ones anyway.

I got the chores done.  Sage is so loving.  She comes up to the fence every time I go out.  Maybe I will ride tomorrow OR maybe I will go see Vikki and work on the quilt pillow OR maybe I will read one of the books I got at the used book store today too. 

So, that was my day, and feeding kittens pretty often.  I am concerned about the little girl, she is not thriving like the other two.  I am doing the best I can.  She doesn't suck much, I just squirt it in her mouth and she swallows it.  Any ideas?

Blessings to you all................

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Indian Summer

One of our beautiful fall sunsets.
Remember Raspberry's babies born in June. They are just 3 months old and their first trip to the fair. They placed 2nd and 3rd. in their baby goat class from about 12 entries. Cute little girls.

A gal holding her little goat like a baby. She loved it (the goat).

Shannon showing her Jr. Doe. She got grand champion but I wasn't at all surprised because she won that at nationals in July.

Her ribbon. I was the keeper of the records.

Bob is in Jamestown, North Dakota. I had to laugh at him. I told him to take a warm jacket and it was so warm here, he just took a light weight one. Well..........its cold and rainy there and he is freezing. I told him to go to Walmart and buy a cheap one. I don't know if he will or not.

Taking care of all the chores isn't particularly fun but the weather is nice, very warm in fact so its not too bad.

Sage has become very loving. I go out in her pasture and shes there smoozing on me and following me around LOVE it.

Hope you had a good weekend.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Equines and Kittens

There are a lot of pictures today. Our equine family -

Yuma. He thought I had treats but instead all I had was a camera.

Peanut Butter

He is a 2 year old half mustang gelding. Really just halter and to lead broke. He is friendly and will make someone a good horse. We would be happy to give him to a good home.


AKA "Fat Boy." He is our wonderful horse. Anyone can ride him anywhere. Unfortunately he has Glaucoma and is about half blind. He will live his life out here. He is a Kiger mustang from Riddle Mt. HMA.


AKA Coyote Ice Cream. I think he is 6. He needs a good home. It is a long story why we have him but was given to us because she could not pay his board here. He is from Coyote Lakes. He is liver colored with a lighter tale. He is not broke to ride but has had a saddle on.


I think she is from Beatty's Butte HMA. She is not broke to do anything but lead. Bob keeps saying he is going to get to her. We will see.


From Ravendale, CA. She is an awesome riding horse and packing horse too. We love her.


He is old but acts like he thinks he's 2. He loves us.


Bob's good boy. They make a good pair. Both are stubborn.


My faithful good friend. She is 30.


She is 2 and a pony. I don't think she will be over 12 hands. She leads good but has been too young to do anything with. She is for sale too. $50.00 would take her home.


She is a wonder horse. At not quite 13 hands anyone can ride her. She also will carry a pack where ever you want her to. She tethers out, hobbles,and is a champion driving pony. She likes that best of all. She and I fly around when there is snow and I have her hitched to my sleigh.


Her real name is Coco I guess but we didn't know that so we named her Emma. She is a Kiger. She does not belong to us and won't be touched. If we sent her home, he would just put her down so she stays here and gets fed.


Of course. My much loved partner.

When she gets put back from her little pasture she goes right to the same spot and rolls every day.

Oh it feels so good.

They had not had their faces washed yet. Some days they get baths. The black one is the largest.

The spotted one is about half the size of the others. I think she is the only girl.

We brought our cows home from their summer pasture. Those babies have gotten so large. I could not believe how big Topper is. I will take pictures of them another day.

That was about all. Oh yes, I cut up peppers for the dehydrator. Some of them are pretty hot and I accidentally touched my eye. Oh man o man OOOOOOOOO. It hurt so bad. I thought my eye was going to burn up. Not funny. Don't do that friends.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This and That

Skeeter (the dirty poodle) and Pistol the evening we got home from our camping trip. They were so glad to see us.
Our son Steve's hunting cabin. He had been home a couple of days and we took him back up this afternoon.

This morning when we got up where the sprinkler had been on last night there was ice.

The little stream near their camping place.

We had a good time driving up into the Colville National Forest today. It was a very chilly morning but this afternoon was lovely. We only saw one deer. That was OK. It was all beautiful.

Lorie, I got your note today. The package will be in the mail tomorrow. Thank you for the invitation. I don't know yet. Will have to wait and see what October brings. It is hunting season and that may take precedent.

My baby kitties are doing well. I will try to get pictures tomorrow.


Monday, September 10, 2012


No pictures today. I am lucky I can see to type this. There are terrible fires over near Coulee Dam and Wenatchee and we have a very strong wind blowing the smoke this way. I am having trouble with my eyes and my throat. Its miserable. Tried to work out in the yard and could not do it. I hope we don't have any, any closer. We have water running to keep things around the house and barn damp.

We went down to Davenport to the cattle auction but the smoke was so bad we didn't stay too long. Then on the way home we stopped at a grand yard sale. Everything was half off because it ran all weekend. I didn't know it. Got a couple of very nice things.

Tomorrow I am going to go visit Vicki and get going with my quilt. I need her to look at the blocks I have done. I am so excited about doing it. My blogger friend Marlene is a quilter. I think she does her by machine and all of mine will be by hand.

Sage is a different horse since we took her into the wilds of Montana. She loves on us and comes when we go out and is just a loving horse. She doesn't seem to spook at things. I may be slightly , just slightly prejudicial.

I think I will get into the shower and see if I can get some relief for my eyes.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Odds and Ends

Chrissy and Wendy were baby sitting this little guy. He was excited to go to ride a horse that he stood there and trembled with excitement. He fed the chickens, pet the goat climbed in the hay and asked us if he could come back and do it again. Of course we said yes.

We left for a couple of hours and this is what we came home to. I think, the dogs thought we had left them again. Not funny.

My bundle of kittens.

Katie at her shower.

The rocking horse that I got her. She seemed to like it.

A long day. Grandson and friend came and worked for Shannon and when they were done there they went over to Couer d'Alene and worked again. They were too tuckered 15 year olds when we took them home earlier this evening. I made chicken enchiladas for dinner so they got a good meal when they were finished.