Friday, March 30, 2012

A Sweet Visit

This morning my sweet friend Kim stopped by with her grandchildren on their way back to Eureka, Montana. Only God and I know how much I have missed her since she moved. She lived down the road from us here. I was so thrilled to see her. I don't think I had even combed my hair.

Her lovely grandchildren. The wind was blowing and it was cold but they were good sports about getting their pictures taken. Tame' is 10, Damion is 11 and T'Kaya is l3. Love them and their mama Miranda. Sure would like to see her too.

Kim and the kids. They will have fun together next week.

It was a great time to see her again. She says she will come over and bring one of her horses and ride with us this summer. I hope so. She has two of Ditto's boys KC and Sam.

I am concerned about my friend Andrea that lives down in the Potlatch, Idaho area and they are having some massive flooding. Hope they are on higher ground. Roads are washing out around here. Its awful and according to the TV Weather forecasters we have at least another 4 or 5 days of this. It is so dreary.

I was looking out the window this morning when Bob was putting Sage out. Just as they came out the barn door the wind picked up a bucket and blew it right in front of them. She freaked out a bit and ran around Bob snorting. He got her settled down and picked up the bucket and let her smell it. She was OK after that. It was kind of funny to watch as long as I wasn't the one leading her. The wind subsided this late afternoon some. It was pretty hard. I did not sleep well. I thought we might end up in Kansas.

Thank you Kim for coming by.