Monday, December 20, 2010

On Our Way to 1000 Blessings

572 - Andrea Bocelli - The Lords Prayer
573 - Bob home safely from his visit to the coast
574 - Flowers from a sweet granddaughter just because
575 - Sunshine on the snow
576 - New Friends
577 - Its A Wonderful Life
578 - Andrea Bocelli - O Holy Night
579 - The little Chinaman Christmas ornament that was my grandmothers
580 - Pepper got well
581 - Fun Baking
582 - Bob's Search and Rescue group was successful, they found the elderly man
583 - A safe trip to Pullman and back
584 - Hallelujah Chorus
585 - Holly Trees
586 - The Washington Palouse covered with new snow.
587 - Christmas With Grace - at church
588 - Hugs and kissed from a great grandbaby girl
589 - An invitation for Christmas evening
590 - Advent Wreath
591 - Josh Groban music
592 - Driving around looking at Christmas lights
593 - Bob found his cell phone
594 - The Dollar Store
595 - Gladys is better
596 - Hearing from people I have heard from in a year
597 - Christmas caroling
598 - Gingerbread men
599 - Hit cider
600 - My new permanent

Christmas Week

Russian Tea Cookies without nuts. I was ready to add them and didn't have any in the cupboard. Oh that upsets me. But they are good anyway. Tomorrow is sugar cookie day and then I am done baking. Need to give the house a good cleaning for Friday and then I will be ready for Santa.
Went and had a permanent today. I was just sick of the straight hair even though it seems to be the style. It is a little curlier than I expected but the first time I wash it it will loosen up.
This afternoon went grocery shopping so I am ready for Friday. I hope I did not forget anything. I probably did though knowing me.