Monday, May 4, 2009


These are Bob's violets. They were in a basket of plants that he got when he had his colon surgery 2 years ago. It has bloomed pretty continually. It quit for a while and I repotted it into a larger pot and now it is off and running again. It sits on my kitchen window sill in front of the sink so when I am doing dishes its what I get to look at. Love it. I don't touch it, I kill violets quickly - Bob tends it.

The doctor had good and bad news this morning. One he grounded me for 2 more weeks from the horses or doing anything too strenuous. He is most worried about my shoulder when the seat belt crossed. It is not anything permanent but is black and blue. The headache is attacking this evening too.

I did go out and pet the horses and talk to them a bit this afternoon. I was hoping to ride this weekend. Oh well. I would rather be well than go against the doctor. Rosie wanted me to brush her some more today so I did for a little.

A terrific Tuesday to you all.