Saturday, August 31, 2013

Once again I can't seem to get the computer to cooperate about the pictures.  So will just have to tell you about them one by one.

The top one is is gnarly aspen trees.  I just thought it was interesting to look at.

The middle picture is of our friend Joyce.  She had been peeling potatoes and Amigo and Hobby came and tried to take them away.  The ate the potato peelings like candy.  Hobby is huge - 16h I think and I was sitting in a chair and he came and I thought he was going to sit on my lap. A sweet horse he is.  We didn't take horses but had fun playing with theirs.

The bottom picture is just - on a clear day you can see forever.  The mountains across the valley are the Tobacco Root mountains. 

We had great fun with our friends and it was good to just relax and let the world happen.

Today I got told I could go down and ride Sage.  Ooh I am excited.  I can't go this week, too much happening but I think I will go on the 10th if that works with Suzanne and Julie.  How cool is that, she is doing wonderful.  They are even picking up her hind feet and a farrier was coming to trim her up.  I am so excited.

I am taking part in a photo challenge for the month of September.  Our first word is CURLS for day 1.  I have to think of a good picture.

We were given a spaghetti squash and had never had one before.  Really, I imagine you all have, but I hadn't.  I like squash but I did not like that.  I thought it was icky.  I am glad we also had corn on the cob and a cabbage/pineapple salad. 

I watched my Cougars play their first football game today.  Yes, I am a WSU fan win or lose and the lost today by one touchdown.  That is where I went to college.  A long time ago.  I wish I knew then what I would have rather studied and then I might have finished. 

Tried to go yard saleing today but there were not in abundance.  Found a few in Medical Lake and one in Airway Heights.  I didn't want to drive clear into town.  One of them had a lot of quilting stuff.  My downfall.  Bought a lot of half yard pieces in the colors that I like to work with.  More than I needed I imagine.  Quilting has made me a fabric junkie.

Hope your holiday weekend is wonderful,