Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Now its really Tuesday

On day Eight of Christmas I have EIGHT blue banty eggs. Our grandkids think they are magic or something., Cute little eggs.
These are my applesauce cinnamon ornaments that I made today. They are drying now. They do smell good.

I baked eight loaves of zucchini bread today. We ate some of one of the loaves for dessert tonight. It isn't as good as Nikki bakes but its good.

Last night I mentioned that we went to the school concert of our grandson Seth. This is him with his trumpet. He has the most beautiful red curly hair.
I sure did mess up last night. I was for sure it was Tuesday. So yesterday was my thankful Tuesday. At least I didn't forget it. I was positive that today was Wednesday until Bob got home and said something about taking my car to work tomorrow. I asked him why he was working. I was embarrassed when he showed me the calendar. Well anyway this is Tuesday, tomorrow is Wednesday and he is taking my car in the morning and I will be stranded. Oh well. Have a lot to do.
Hope your WEDNESDAY is blessed.