Saturday, August 31, 2013

Once again I can't seem to get the computer to cooperate about the pictures.  So will just have to tell you about them one by one.

The top one is is gnarly aspen trees.  I just thought it was interesting to look at.

The middle picture is of our friend Joyce.  She had been peeling potatoes and Amigo and Hobby came and tried to take them away.  The ate the potato peelings like candy.  Hobby is huge - 16h I think and I was sitting in a chair and he came and I thought he was going to sit on my lap. A sweet horse he is.  We didn't take horses but had fun playing with theirs.

The bottom picture is just - on a clear day you can see forever.  The mountains across the valley are the Tobacco Root mountains. 

We had great fun with our friends and it was good to just relax and let the world happen.

Today I got told I could go down and ride Sage.  Ooh I am excited.  I can't go this week, too much happening but I think I will go on the 10th if that works with Suzanne and Julie.  How cool is that, she is doing wonderful.  They are even picking up her hind feet and a farrier was coming to trim her up.  I am so excited.

I am taking part in a photo challenge for the month of September.  Our first word is CURLS for day 1.  I have to think of a good picture.

We were given a spaghetti squash and had never had one before.  Really, I imagine you all have, but I hadn't.  I like squash but I did not like that.  I thought it was icky.  I am glad we also had corn on the cob and a cabbage/pineapple salad. 

I watched my Cougars play their first football game today.  Yes, I am a WSU fan win or lose and the lost today by one touchdown.  That is where I went to college.  A long time ago.  I wish I knew then what I would have rather studied and then I might have finished. 

Tried to go yard saleing today but there were not in abundance.  Found a few in Medical Lake and one in Airway Heights.  I didn't want to drive clear into town.  One of them had a lot of quilting stuff.  My downfall.  Bought a lot of half yard pieces in the colors that I like to work with.  More than I needed I imagine.  Quilting has made me a fabric junkie.

Hope your holiday weekend is wonderful,



Wednesday, August 28, 2013

 Our first view of antelope.  We have been on a short little trip to Bear Creek, Montana.  It is about 50 miles from West Yellowstone.  It is a campground/trail head on Bear Creek.  A lovely little spot in Montana.  Although it is Bear Creek and there are signs all over the place about grizzly bears, and black bears, there were none to be seen.  I did not want a grizzly to come through but maybe up on the hillside.  We did see fresh bear tracks on a little hike Bob and I took but no sighting.  The antelope were very leery of us and took off when we stopped to take a picture. 
 The clouds were very interesting.  The swooped up behind the hill and the disappeared back down.  I thought we were in for a thunder boomer but it did not happen.  The cloud was very pretty though.
Any one who really knows me, knows that I HATE bridges.  Bridges of any kind, and mostly walk over bridges.  I had Bob take my picture so I could prove that I walked over it.  You can't see my white knuckles hanging on though.    I almost waded though, I will have to admit.

It was great to get away for a few days.  We visited some friends who were hosting the campground for a couple of weeks.  They have a nice camper so we stayed in the cabin that is provided for them.  Then we journeyed up to Helena and visited some good friends who moved from Cour d'Alene to Helena a few years ago.  It was good to see them.  We had wanted to see other friends in Whitehall but they were on their way to Spokane to visit family so that did not work.  I was sad about that. 

So now back to our routine here.  The big storm that went through here on Sunday took out 8 to 10 big poplar trees.  Some over fences.  Fortunately nothing was in the pasture.  And a big Blue Spruce in the rental where Katie lives.  It just came down in the yard and did not hit their house.  Bob worked most of the day getting it cleaned up.

Tomorrow evening is the Mustang and Burro Club meeting.  I hope every one shows up.  We have some things to decide and to put into motion.  I enjoy that group.

I spent most of the day inside getting laundry caught up and putting things in order.  I don't know about anyone else but when we get home from a trip, stuff gets brought in and set down. 



Monday, August 19, 2013

The top picture is Stella and the bottom one is Peanut Butter.  Stella is a medium sized pony mare.  She has had her feet trimmed and has been saddled but no one has been on her.  She is lovable and loves treats and to be paid attention to.  She needs a new home.  We are asking $150.00 for her.  She is 3 years old and is Turing blue roan.

Peanut Butter is also 3 and is half mustang and half QH.  He is a very friendly guy who tries to put his head in the halter when you go after someone else.  He is 3 years old and needs to be worked with.  He was kind of a rescue.  People were supposed to just board him but never came back.  We want $100.00 for him. 

I am praying someone comes along.  They are nice horses but we just can no afford to keep them nor time to work with them.  If you know anyone who might be interested give me a shout out here or if you know my number you can call.

Our car is in the shop.  I am sad because we were going on a little vacation this week.  Not happening.  Maybe next week.  Depends.

Sage is doing well.  Got some pictures from Julie.  Hope i hear from Suzanne too.  She is the one who is mostly riding her.



Friday, August 16, 2013

Bob and his sidekick Pistol taking a break from unloading hay.  She is never far from his heels.  Its been too hot for him to be taking her with her and she is getting a little put out.  She is a good dog. 

If you read my Face Book page you read there we had a collision last night with a big buck deer.  Sort of squished the front quarter panel clear back to the passenger door.  We could not find him but I am sure he could not have lived through it.  It made me very sad for the deer but scared the bejeebers out of me.  The air bags did not go off or we would have been in a pickle.  It goes in Monday and thank goodness for good insurance.

I got stung for the fourth time this summer today.  My hand is all swollen.  I am pretty tired of playing dodge and dart with the bees.  They got my last picking of raspberries.  They are really ornery this year.

I got my blood work results from the doctor today.  All is very well.  Just wish I had more energy. 

I have not heard about Sage for a few days.  I get so anxious when I let myself worry about her.  I know she is doing well.



Saturday, August 10, 2013


2 months  3 days

He is a little character.  He does not like to be told what to do when he is on the lead rope.  He gave me a drag around this afternoon.  I finally got him anchored so I could handle him. 

I guess we had an awful storm last night.  It woke Bob up but for a change, I slept through it.  I hate thunder and lightening so I am grateful to have slept.

Nothing about Sage today.  Patience Lea, patience.

I am so tired I could drop this evening.  I cleaned our bedroom top to bottom today and put a bunch of things out in a bag for the yard sale.  And, I through out a bunch of stuff too.  Have been meaning to do it since I got home but today was the day. 

Blessings to you all,


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Two of our sweet Great Grand babies.

Jaxson is 8 months old and a tiny little guy.

It was Piper's 3rd. birthday.  She is my little Pipster, a tornado in a wee girls body.  Love those babies.

Another hot one and the fire danger is really high again.  It is going to be a hard fall if we don't get some real rain.  And with thunder and lightening due over the weekend, the danger is higher.  I worry about the grain farmers who are getting ready to harvest or are in the middle of it.

Didn't hear how Sage was today.  They were going to take her down to the river on a ride today.  Wish I could watch.

Had my yearly doctor's checkup.  I am amazingly well.  He liked my blood work and was amazed at my blood pressure.  It has come down a lot.  My heart rate is slow too.  He said that is good though.  He looked me over good.  Yesterday I fell down the back porch steps but I didn't hurt anything.  My wrist is a little tender where I caught myself but I think I looked like a 75 year old gymnast who didn't do as well.  My foot just slipped on the top step.  Nothing to show for it today, not even a bruise. 

I am off to bed.  Bob just got home from working in the hay fields, fixed him something to eat and rather than raise my BP worrying about the hours, I am just going to let him eat in peace and I will go to bed.



Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The top picture is of the three of us on the train.  We had such fun.  Would have liked to have seen a bear or a moose or a chipmunk for that matter.  The scenery was wonderful.

The bottom picture is the bridge of the ship.  All the operations of the Norwegian Jewel.  I expected a wheel but its all computer driven.  At least that is what it looked like.  It was fun to watch.

Golly its not just hot but muggy.  Our cooler can't keep up with it too good.

Haven't heard from Oregon about Sage yet.  Just that she was OK.  I am anxious to hear.  Lord help me be patient.

Just a plain ole day.  Laundry and stuff.  Other than I gave a riding lesson to Dianna today.  She trotted the first time.  She almost bounced off but I got Raven stopped.  She was laughing but I know she was a little frightened.  She does so well for a nine year old. 

So, I think those are the last of the cruise pictures.  Sorry if they were not interesting to you.  It was an experience of a lifetime for this old lady.  I don't feel old but my feet.  They are wearing out.

Bless you each and every one,


Monday, August 5, 2013

The top picture is at our nature walk in Ketchican.  But, alas, we did not see any.  I wanted to.

The bottom picture is an eagle landing on a tower in Juneau I believe.  They are so majestic.  Loved watching them.

Today I had Justin for a while so his mom and dad could take their dogs to the vet.  Callie is due to have puppies this week.  They did an ultra sound and there is either 12 or 13 puppies in there.  They will be busy with puppies for sure.  Hope she can sell them easily.

We returned Marilyn's horse trailer this afternoon.  We appreciate so much being able to use it.  It was lighter to pull and it is a bumper pull so we could get the hay on the truck.  It was a blessing for sure.  I did hear from Julie today that Sage is doing good.  I hope they send a picture soon.

Today I got a call from my cardiologist's office saying I had an appointment on Wednesday.  I know I did not make it and have another appointment on Wednesday.  I cancelled it.  She said it was a 3 month check and I don't know what they are checking.  I cancelled it anyway.  I have never had to go that often since my first bruha 10 years ago. 

It was hot and muggy today.  It rained hard for about 1 minute.  Than it was hot and really muggy. 



Sunday, August 4, 2013

The top picture is a Stellar Seal the day we were whale watching.  Saw whales too but the seals were fun to watch too.

The lower picture is my sister on the whale watching boat.   It wasn't cold but windy.  We had a wonderful time that day.  I hope you are not getting tired of cruise pictures.  Do have others in my camera for another day.

Today we went to a BBQ and celebrated one of our great granddaughters 3rd. birthday.  Piper is a sweet little girl.  She loved the party and loved being the center of attention.  Will post pictures soon of the celebration.  She hugged me good by and said I will miss you Grandma.  Brought tears to my eyes.  Her sister was not there, was visiting out of town with a Grandma.  She is usually the more affectionate one. 

Good church service this morning.  Loved the sermon about How to be a friend.  If anyone who reads this knows Lorie of Cing Spots Appaloosas on Face book or has her on your FB friends list would you let me know.  She has not written on her blog since May and I am worried about her but can't remember her last name.  I would appreciate it. 

Hope you all had a great weekend, and blessings to you all,


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sticking to one picture tonight again.  These are Stellar Seals out of Juneau.  They were very funny.  The kept trying to push the one off.  They were swimming around there too. 

Had a good day here too.  I heard from Suzanne and Sage settled in good.  That was good news.  And we had to separate the steers from the heifers that we didn't want to breed this year because we were bring the bull home.  I was watching them, stepped over a mole hill dirt pile and plup right into the middle of a very fresh cow poop.  I was hopping around going ick ick, it was over the top of my shoe and Bob and our son Tom were practically laughing until they cried.  We got them separated and I went directly to the shower.  Ick Ick is right.

I had Just for a couple of hours or so today.  When he gets into some thing and you tell him no, he grins a great big grin and waves to you.  I had to laugh.  He is almost standing up by himself in the middle of the floor.  Not 10 months old yet.  Wish I had taken a picture of him.  He is my sweet boy. 

I picked raspberries again.  Got an ice cream bucket, the ones with the handle heaping full.  I am going to make another batch of jam this evening.  I want to freeze some too.

Blessings to you all,


Friday, August 2, 2013

At one point in the Nature Walk in Ketchican, there were a pen of Reindeer.  They love lettuce.  That is what they are begging for.  Their antlers were in velvet and so soft.  If you had lettuce you could pet them, otherwise they walked away.  Very interesting.  They were rescued from somewhere, can't remember what she said.

I am just going to write a bit because the other night, after I wrote for a while, it would just freeze up.

I told you I was going to have to sell Sage but a friend of mine from Oregon, near Umatilla, offered to take her and have her trainer and her work with her for a while.  Today we took her down.  We borrowed Marilyn's trailer, it is smaller and lighter than ours, loaded her up in the rain and wind this morning and took her and a ton of hay to Julie's facility.  Her trainer, Suzanne, met us and put her in a stall.  I am praying this works.  I need to be safe when I am riding.  They have a nice place on the Columbia River.  I am cautiously optimistic about this try out.

Other than that things are quiet around here.  Bob has been cutting hay, I have been putzing around here.  Gave a riding lesson last Tuesday and had to use Wrangler.  He did great, a little bitty girl on a great big horse but it worked out wonderful.  I will use him again next lesson.  Seems to be a good choice.  Pepper will be gone again.

Blessings to you all,