Sunday, May 5, 2013

Today was Spokane's famous Bloomsday Road Race.  7.6 miles long.  I have run it and walked it but enjoy taking pictures the most.  The top picture is the elite men and the man that won was from Ethiopia finished in 34 minutes.  The next picture Is the elite women and the lady in front won in 39 minutes.  The bottom is the wheel chair elite racers.  They fly.  It was very warm today so I know it was tough running.  About 60 is a good temp.  Today was in the mid 70's at race time.

Bob is so kind, he shared his cold with me.  Wasn't that nice. 

My mosaic horse is coming along.  I don't want to take a picture until its done.  I need some more grey glass ware. I will go to 2nd. hand/thrift stores when I am in town tomorrow.  I am very pleased with it.  From a paper mache' horse that is very, very light weight to a quite heavy horse. 

Rosie is still hanging on to that baby.  I did her tail up today.  She is flipping it around, don't know if its the start of labor or her irritated about her tail.  Every thing except not waxing makes her appear to be ready.  She did not do that last time either. 

I was going to work with Sage today but we were surprised yesterday with our daughter Chrissy, her partner and her girls.  So I wanted to spend time with them so Sage goes another day.  I hope tomorrow.  When I worked her Friday she bucked, I mean bucked after I saddled her and went to work her.  Silly girl.  I popped her on the rear with the lunge whip and she looked at me like WHAT?

Love this warm weather but I know it won't last.  Bob is out spraying this evening.  Perfect day for it.  For once no wind.  So he is getting it done.  I wish my hair was just a little longer so I could get it up in a pony.  It would help when it gets warmer yet.

Blessings to you all,