Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tomorrow is October

Where has the time gone.

Rode Lena today. It is hard for me to get up on her but did it. A chair worked good. She has a big stride. I thought Ditto used to but not like this. I walked and trotted her. Cross your fingers that they buy her. She needs to go somewhere where they will love her and ride her often. She really is a beautiful horse.

Katie came out and worked with Abby. She had to go to work so did not ride her. Just some good ground work.

My friend with Wildairo and Echo has a very sick horse. Her old Morgan gelding Foxsun has Pigeon Fever. Please keep them in your prayers. That is nasty stuff. And contagious. She is worried about her mustangs.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Can this be the end of September

A beautiful day in our neighborhood today. Love these warm fall days.

This was house day. Changing the bed, etc etc etc. Made chicken burritos for dinner. Used my mothers recipe and I am still too full to think about dessert and a friend sent over a homemade apple pie this evening. It may be breakfast.

Bob changed the panels on Rusty's pen. She now has 5' panels. She has never challenged a fence at all. We borrowed the 6' panels from Cathy Johnson and we would not have needed to I am sure. Bob did not do too much with her today - Rusty - He did pick her right front foot up and held it for a second or so. Then she followed him around the round pen. No rope attached to the halter at all. He went up to her shoulder and put his arm clear over her back and she let him give her a hug. He was thrilled and then snapped just a lead rope on her and took her back to her new 5' tall panel pen.

The funniest horse thing today was when Bob was bringing the 5' panels up thru the little pasture where Lena is and she tried to help him Every time he slowed down a little she was in front of him. Looked him in the eye like "what you doing, huh, can I help, " She was really funny. There are some people coming up from Ritzville to look at her on Wednesday. It will be during the day and I will have to ride her. Hope she will let me use the stool to get on. I will try to ride her tomorrow. She is 15 hands 3 and I am short and old. I am not afraid to ride her, she is just tall.

I had the best surprise today. I got an e mail from Maureen who adopted Sierra and Sierra is doing real well. She can not be in too big a pen because she has turned out to be a fence jumper. And fat. That surprises me but I was thrilled to hear about her. She said she is sweet and loves attention and she takes her for walks in the foothills around their place in Reno. She promised to send me some pictures soon.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A lazy Sunday - the last weekend of September

No pictures today. Meant to take it to the round pen when Bob was working with Rusty but I forgot it and was too lazy to come back and get it. Sorry. I just could not seem to get motivated too much today. Took a nap after church and just sort of putzed around.

Bob did good with Rusty. Got both of her front feet picked up. First with the rope and then with his hand. Not too long but a good start. He is going to work on that most of all in the days to come because her front feet are awful and need to be trimmed. I think she is short striding on one side at a trot and he thinks its her feet. She will do much better for Bob so I may just have to back off until he gets feat accomplished. She did not even want to walk out of the round pen with me standing by the gate. She finally did. I kept telling her I loved her and talking softly to her but she does not trust me nor even like me for some unknown reason. I was the first to really touch her maybe she is still holding that against me. I don't know.

Tomorrow is another day. Hope the weather is as nice. I worked a little in the tack room today sorting and cleaning and putting away. Want to get more done and I got some wood stripper today to strip the wood on my shaves on my big cart. Bob should have the new body done soon. At least that is what he says. It is going to be really pretty all oak and brass. It will probably be spring before I get to use it but thats OK. I have waited a long time. I have used it alot and it needed to be rebuilt. It has big wheels. I am going to take the wheels to an Amish wheelright I think and have them gone over. I think there is one out near Springdale. Will have to look into that.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A great Saturday

Katie won second place in her age division at the Extreme Trail Challenge today. I think she was a might overwhelmed but did well. Was proud of her.

Everything else kind of went by today. I judged the side-pass area and other than the first person thru who had a very uptight horse that went over backwards with her. It was a 12 year old child. The horse landed on her with her shoulder across a small log. When I said call 911 her mother looked at me and said why? I nearly had smoke coming out my ears. There was an EMT or 2 in attendance. She was OK just terrified but not because her mother did anything but scream as loud as her daughter. A way I did not want to start the day, however the next 34 riders did OK. Only one got a really perfect score but others came close. It was challenging but not impossible.

The Rider Ranch provided us with a good sack lunch and the weather was wonderful. A perfect day for a ride thru the trees. It was up and down and over and around. Sounded fun to me. Tyler took Dixie and just rode her around. He was chicken to try the course but he did gallop her all over the meadow. Cracked me up. His long hair flying just having a good time. She is still too thin but don't know what else to do besides what we are doing. I think her teeth had been bad so long its going to take time. She certainly has gotten light riding this summer.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A good Friday

Had a really nice Friday. A girls day lets eat and play with horses. What could be better? The top picture is my friend Laura and her bestest pal Lyric. He is a sweetheart and I think they made a great pair. We had fun playing with him - well she played with him and I took pictures.
The second picture is Andrea with Lyric. She used to own him. Andrea was our driver today and I led her on a chase trying to get to where Lyric is boarded because they are working on roads I didn't know they were. Make sense? Andrea has Tonka. Her blog is Mustang Saga. She is part of our Mustang Club.
The bottom picture is of Lyric and the reflection in his eye. I did not know that would show up like that. Intrigued me.
Thank you girls for sharing you day out with me. I loved it and lunch was good too. Thank you so much Andrea.
We played a little with Rusty. Did not take her to the roundpen as she was being really silly with me again. Bob worked with her this evening and of course you know how she was........good. We 3 spent time in the field with our other group too. Liberty who is kind of standoffish with strangers usually fell in love with Laura. And Yuma let Andrea handle him especially after a treat of some hay. They all wanted to vie for attention. Laura ambled over to a trailer that is parked out there and she was like the pied piper. They all followed her over there and stood around her while she sat on in for a while. They all loved her. It was cool to watch.
Tomorrow is the Panhandle Back Country Horsemen's Extreme Trail Challenge. I will be one of the judges. Have to leave here by 7 AM to get to Rider Ranch by 8. Cathy Johnson is also one of the judges and she is coming to ride with me. It will be fun day and the weather is supposed to be good. Katie is going to ride, Tyler is taking Dixie to ride around. He does not want to do the ride. I wish he would but he doesn't want to.
A good day and I am ready to call it a night.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


This is a sign I bought my husband a few months ago. Fortunately he thought it was funny too. He calls himself an old cowboy so I just could not resist and he is the one who put it up on the end of the house by the back door.

I worked with Rusty today. It is the first time I have worked with her that I felt like I had accomplished anything. I could not walk up to her and attatch the rope. I had to toss the rope over her neck and hold it until she let me touch her. Then I could do the rope. She would not lead down the alleyway so I got her headed her that way and I picked up the rope. She did really well. Lunging both ways easily, backing and let me rub her on both sides and she flexed her head easily to the left, not so to the right but I got more of a flex than Bob has. She would not lead for me at all. Step by step with pressure and release. She will lose her 6 foot panels this week and go back to our 5 foot ones and we can return the ones we borrowed. She is not going to try the fence. Don't think she ever would have but we did not want to take a chance.

So after going to the doctor this morning and getting a good report, working Rusty and having a good Mustang Club meeting this evening, its been a good day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


No pictures today. Sorry. I had stuff to do in the house and did not get out much. I love hardwood floors but when they need cleaning it takes time and this was the day. And put away my summer clothes-shorts etc.

Bob did work with Rusty and I went down to watch. She was much better today. I will try tomorrow when I get home from a Dr. appointment. He will be doing some volunteer work and gone for the day. I have itchy hands to go in and see what she will do for me. I approach things a little differently than he does. She does better for him I think so will maybe have to adjust my way of doing things. She is going to be wonderful under saddle I can tell. That will be a while though. Bob does snot hurry them too fast.

Tomorrow evening is our Inland Empire Mustang Horse Club meeting at 6 at Perkins Restaurant in the valley. I always enjoy our time together.

Later -

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I did not go anywhere

We have been having telephone line problems for 3/4 days. I think its repaired as of this morning. Our friend Jim Spring who is unemployed at the moment but knows this stuff came and thinks he found the problem outside.. When the phone is out, so is my computer.
This past weekend I worked at a horse show out in the Spokane Valley at the Valley Mission Arena. What a change of weather. Saturday we ate dust and it was very warm. Was glad I had worn my baseball cap and sunglasses. HOWEVER on Sunday the bottom picture explains it all. I thought I had dressed warm and dry enough but went thru 3 outer wear outfits and was soaked thru by the end of the day. The longer the day went, the fewer the competitors. It was awful.
Isn't the little mule a cutie in the top picture. Her name is Gidget. I believe she won high point English 5 years and under. She rode her in a D Ring snaffle bit.
Our Katie rode Lena and did OK. Some 4Th. and 5Th. It was good practice and this was her first show and the other horses have been showing all year. Katie was a little nervous I think and that made Lena nervous too of course. If she had shown in a couple more classes she would have done better. She is preparing this week for next Saturday and the Panhandle Back Country Horsemen Trail Challenge. I think she will do better at that. At least at this point.
After 2 days off because of the downpour of rain Bob worked with Rusty today. She thought at first that NO WAY not today but Bob said oh yes you are. He got a halter on her. Its Dixie's but it was handy. He got her into the round pen and worked her on a long line. She did not want to go to the right and had a hissy over it but he persisted and pretty soon she was going each way easily. She turned and faced him easily too and after about 45 minutes had unclenched her jaw and was relaxing. By the time they were done he was handling her on both sides and he led her down the aisle way back to her pen on a loose line. Very very proud of her. She certainly is not as easy as Sierra but she is 3 and she was 1.
Thursday evening the 25Th. this week is our Mustang Horse Club meeting at Perkins restaurant at 6:00 PM. The restaurant is at Mission and Argonne just off I90. Would just love to meet anyone new. We are still a small group but growing. Old timers, will be glad to see you too.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday evening

The top picture is my favorite of Liberty. She has gotten so sweet while Tyler is working with her so often. He still needs to get on the first time.
The bottom one is Rusty doing that slow wonderful western jog that will be so fun to ride. I went into her pen and was determined to pet her. I had to get the rope on her and flip it over her nose to make a halter. That worked quite well until she got stung on the chest and just about mowed me over. Not her fault though. I know it hurt. Lena got stung in the pen beside her and was going a little crazy too. I did get up to her shoulder and took the rope off and let her go and let her out into the round pen away from the swarm of little bees that were after then. Felt so bad for them.
This is the last horse show weekend of the season. I am working the gate both days. I have a good voice I guess. Loud anyway.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am back

These are my 2 elderly uncles that we went to see. The top one is my Uncle George and the lower one is Uncle Lyle. They are both 92 and in fair health. Uncle George is by far the most active. One is in Portland, the other in Puyallup. We also took a few minutes and stopped in to see Bob's brother in Puyallup. And we drove up to Marysville so I could get a grandson fix. Oh Nikki our oldest daughter too. Lane was mad we had to come home so soon.
When we got here Katie was here riding Lena and Tyler had fixed the alleyway so we could get Rusty in the round pen. Bob worked with her for a while and she is going to have the nicest western jog. It took her about 2 turns to learn to turn to the inside and about 3 or 5 laps to learn to stop and look at him. It was pretty awesome. I imagine after she has breakfast in the morning he will be back working with her. She seemed so much more relaxed with more room to move.
Then I had to go say hello to the other horses. Yuma is always the first one to say hello. He is so pretty and shiny. He does not get all shed out until the beginning of August and then its time to get fuzzy again.
I am very tired. That was a 950 mile 3 days.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A sunny Monday

These are pictures from our trail ride. I did not take any during the BBQ. I just was too busy doing stuff and talking to people and I forgot to pick up my camera. Again, it was a great ride.
Bob announced this morning that we were going to Portland in the morning. I know we had been talking about it since January. I have a 92 year old uncle there that I really need to see. He used to live in Hermiston and we could go down there for the day. Not so easy to see him in Portland. He is my mothers baby brother. He has 6 kids but only one seems to pay much attention to him. They live near his youngest daughter. Then we will go up to Puyallup to see my other living uncle. He is 92 also and is my dads baby brother. They both are dear to me and I am thrilled that at 70 I still have living uncles that I can visit with. We will be home Thursday evening.
Bob worked a long time with Rusty today. He put the rope halter on her like Kitty Lauman uses. The one she uses that she uses a rope with a ring and puts it around their neck then puts it around their nose. Rusty did not like it at all and pitched a real fit to start with but by the time he was thru she was kind of leading and coming up to him with just a tiny bit of pressure. He took a brush and brushed her on both sides with it. She did not like it too much but she did not bolt off. She stood there while he took the halter off and the rope from around her neck. I did not do anything with her. I had laundry to do and packing to get done and give a riding lesson and make some phone calls, go to the bank and deposit the ride money etc.
I may be on line Wed. evening and can add to the blog but don't know. Depends on when we get to Nikki's. Will be home on Thursday though.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday evening

I intended to write here last night and tell all about the ride but was so tired I went to bed. Just skimmed over e mails and that was that. I don't even have the few pictures I took off the camera yet. Not feeling on top of the world this evening but will live.

Our ride was wonderful. We had 45 riders besides Bob and Tyler. A few things we will know next time what to do and what not to do but for a first event of this nature I for one was quite proud of it. 3 people somehow got lost and were really mad. For some reason it was my fault. It made me want to yell back at them but I took a deep breath. I offered them their money back but they declined and said they would have lunch. Then they left. Made me grind my teethe. Parking was a problem but it worked out and other than a couple of people who did not want to go with the plan to get everyone out safely it went well. The main problem with exiting was a horse that would not load. A man who wanted to "help" took a piece of small plastic pipe and hit the horse with it several times. Did not work of course. Ultimately they brought the truck/trailer up and to the main area and the horse would not load. She finally reared and came down on the edge of the back of the trailer and I thought she was fatally wounded. They walked her down to a farm but I don't know the end result. I hope and pray she is OK.

At the same time the mare was not loading a big appy gelding decided he wasn't going home either but Tyler got him in. He was a big horse and a small trailer. Both were young horses and neither had loaded good to come.

Other than those 2 instances, things went pretty well. Some got stung on the trail and some horses got stung. One guy got dumped off his mule but not hurt, just tore his nice shirt. The trail was fine and it was a beautiful day. We had lots of food, people ate all they wanted, we visited with alot of new friends and we got to share our mustangs and talk about mustangs to alot of people. There were some mustangs on the ride but most were not. It was open to everyone. We had ponies, big horses, arabs, mules, you name it. And we had fun around the bbq for lunch and most had a great time.

I guess what I learned is that you can't please everyone and we did the best we could. I will be posting the end results at out Inland Empire Mustang Horse Club (maybe no horse in the title) Yahoo site for those who are interested. That is where we post alot of stuff - our meetings ect. Feel free to join it and keep track of us. Or better yet come to our meeting on the last Thursday of each month at Perkins at Argonne/Mission just off I90.

Rusty got pretty well ignored other than being fed this weekend. Oh yes, she got fed twice this evening - Lena too. They lied to me and told me they had not eaten. I thought Tyler had forgotten. So I fed them again. Tyler did go in and pet her today. He got onto her right side which I have not been able to do since week one. Bob has not had time much to do anything. He has been working nights as security at the fair and has not been too successful at sleeping during the day. His last night was last night so maybe our lives can get back to normal.

Our grandson Lane had a birthday today. He was 10. I asked him what I could get him and he told me catapillars that turn into butterflies. Can I buy them? Never had that request before. He is a bug boy. If he does not turn out to be a bug adult what ever they are called I will be shocked. He likes to come here because we have big grasshoppers.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A hectic day

What a busy day. Did not realize all I needed to do before the Mustang Club Ride tomorrow. Need to get up early and early and I don't always get along well. Better than Tyler though and he needs to get up early too. Katie will be here by quarter to 7. I want to be on the road shortly there after.

Am watching a draft horse show on RFD TV. Am so impressed with those big horses. We used to have a part shire gelding named Beuford. He was such a wonderful horse. He was our son Tom's riding horse but then he discovered girls and cars and Beuford got left in the dust and we sold him.

Rusty still is not being good to me. Bob worked with her for a long time. She let him touch her on her right side which has been a nono. She still swings her rear to me. I did get both hands on her neck and brushed her mane with me fingers and rubbed her back to her hip. Finally I left at that point. Tyler did well with her too. She must be a mans horse. Tyler rubbed clear down her front leg and took ahold of the pastern. She just let him do it. He is so proud of himself when he can do stuff like that.

Dixie and Raven are in stalls for tomorrow and Lena is in the round pen. All waiting to load. I gave Dixie some oats. Since we had her teeth done she is gaining some weight. I am so relieved. It was beginning to worry me. Tyler is going to ride her tomorrow and he hasn't before. I hope he can stay off her face. He is riding with a mechanical hackamore. Have not tried to put a bit in her mouth since her teeth were taken care of. She seems to like that best anyway.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9-11-01

I remember like it was yesterday. I was awaken by Bob turning on the TV in our bedroom and telling me to wake and and watch. I remember wanting to throw up when I realized the objects falling from the Towers were human beings. I remember sobbing when the Twin Towers fell. I could not, and still can not imaging how human beings could do that to other human beings. What a loss of lives, of peace, and of hope. Its a day that will be in our great grandchildren's history books.

Enough...................Just a day of reflection.

I worked with Rusty. Bob did not get up in time. She does not like me. I had to run her around the pen several times before she let me touch her. I got the rope on her and she threw one of her tantrums. Bob says I am letting her win but I don't think so. I just can't seem to make headway with her. Spent about an hour with her trying to just pet her and rub her head. She just won't have it. I can walk up and lay the rope all over her but when I reach out my hand its bye bye. I finally got petting her neck down but I could not touch her face and that is where she let us touch her first. It is getting to be a battle. I try to keep my emotions in check. What I want to do is yell at her. The only time I have raised my voice is when she turned her rear at me and took a pop with a hind foot. I yelled then and got after her.

Katie had a great lesson on Lena today. I made her ride in her own saddle. She sits in it so much nicer. She likes one of Bob's but her equitation stinks in it. We worked on up and down transitions from walk/trot/walk. Tomorrow she can just ride in the arena or across the the road and relax with her. We are trading yard work for lessons. It works for both of us.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


No pictures today. Took some but they were no good so deleted them.

Bob worked with Rusty today for quite a long time. I stayed out of her pen. He was able to get the rope around her neck and put it around like a halter. She did quite well until Yang, the barn cat came and crawled into the tarp at the side of her pen and moved around. She was quite sure that blue tarp was going to eat her. He kept a hold of her though and she let him pet her on both sides. He also took in a brush and brushed that beautiful long flowing mane. She did not seem to mind too much. She certainly likes and responds to Bob more than me. Oh well...........Life is tough sometimes.

Nothing much else happening today. Katie filled out the paperwork for a couple of things she is going to do with Lena. I got her papers today so I could check her pedigree out and see how old she is. She is 11 and in top form.

I am weary, although did not do much outside today. We did some cleaning up down around the barn. It seems the more we dig out the more stuff that accumulates. It does not help that Bob is a pack rat.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A rainy evening.

This is our Katie with the horse she is conditioning to sell. Lena is a registered paint mare. About 15h3. She and Katie are hitting it off good.

Rusty did better today with me. She let me touch her with 2 hands unless I tried to touch her face and then she left. We had a little episode of turning her rear to me but the rope helped that. As usual when Bob went down to work with her she was much better. He got all the dread locks out of her mane with his fingers. She let him. But when he tried to touch her face she left for him too. I think she is trying to avoid us taking control with a halter again. Bob thinks so too. We just have to continue to convince her that we are not going to hurt her and it will be OK. She is really much more relaxed with Bob than me for some reason. It is so different than with Sierra who really loved me and wanted to please me. Rusty would be happy if I never went into her pen again. Maybe that is the difference from a yearling and a 3 year old. I don't know. I love her anyway.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Today was another really nice day. I went out to the fair to watch some friends do showmanship and halter. Did not stay to watch their riding events. But it was nice to go and to see them.
The picture is of Rusty just before she had a temper tantrum. She really had a relapse with me today. She did not let me touch her and swung her rear at me when I got close. I picked up the rope and popped her on the rear until she turned and looked at me. I could not get my hand on her though. Bob went down when he got up and walked right up to her. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I told you she did not like me too much. I will be glad when Bob can do more with her and get her past this swinging her butt at me. It is too disrespectful. May need to get her into the round pen when she has no corners.
All the other horses are just fine. Our Mustang Club ride is this next Sat. Hope we have a good turnout. Its our money maker for the year.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A lazy Sunday

A lovely last days of summer. Love it like this. Abby and Pepper came home from the fair but that was the biggest event today. I went to church and came home and laid around. Took a long nap but not restful. Had an awful nightmare and woke up sweating and could not breath. Hate that.

Went out towards evening and went to see what Rusty would do today. I walked up to her but she said nope not today. So I got the rope and we worked with that a while. Tyler asked me if he could try and I told him sure. Bob got home with the horses and he took over. We were all tired and Bob has to work tonight with about 3 hrs. of good sleep. Tomorrow I will try to have pictures and maybe I will have had more ambition.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fair day

Katie had her day at the fair today. She did very well. She got a red ribbon in showmanship. She needs to learn to not be tentative and to present herself with the horse. She had never done it before so it was good and a learning experience.
In halter with both Abby and Pepper she got the top blue just under the two championship horses out of 8 or 10 horses. I was proud of her and of the mustangs. It was an all other breeds class so there were Tennessee Walkers, Morgans etc. in the class. She presented the horses well and they cooperated. Pepper has done it all before and is totally bored but Abby had never been to a show before.
I meandered around the fair for a while, ate some lunch and meandered some more then came home and wilted in the recliner until it was time to do chores. Rusty had a total day off and I am not sure she liked it. When I took her hay into her she looked at me like "well where have you been"? I talked to her a minute but was tuckered so came back in and sat around until Bob got up. I guess he had a hard time sleeping today so he slept later.
I am off to bed. Besides being tired still have the remnants of the headache. Hate it when I have one of these bombers.

Friday, September 5, 2008


This was the day that Rusty got to shed her halter. I worked with her a couple of times and did not need to pick up the rope to touch her. We worked with the rope some more and she was really fine. She REALLY does not like it when you approach her right side. She is OK when you finally get there but she will do about anything to keep you from there. I petted her clear to her tail on both sides. She is coming along. Bob is working nights at the fair so he did not get up until about 3 so I had done the work and took the halter off and then he came and just did the petting. Oh well, someone has to be the bad guy.

I am struggling with a fierce headache this evening and I have to be at the fairgrounds by 8 to hold Katie's hand. That's OK. She thinks I know everything and who am I to tell her otherwise.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A very busy day

No pictures today. Was so busy I didn't take my camera out with me. Bob and I both worked with Rusty this morning. We began tossing the rope all over her. It took about 3 tosses before she said, OH OK your not hurting me. Bob is much more adept with the rope than I am but I got it better later.

Katie came to get ready for the fair = bathing 2 horses etc. I think she got it all together OK. I know its tough but no one did it for me when I was getting ready to do the same. I gave her a list of stuff to bring and trust she did. I had to go to a meeting at 6 so left before she and Bob did. He called a while ago and she is all settled in. She really wants me to come out Sat. AM. I think I will try but I am not going to do all the grunt work for her. She will only learn by doing it. I know she thinks I am being obstinate but she needs to do it. I did help her bathe and get organized.

I am very tired and this is Bob's first night at the fair. He is working nights as security in the cattle barn.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A normal Wednesday around here

Yeah. I got pictures to upload. The top picture is Rusty sneaking up on her supper on the tarp. She would really rather I did not put it there and gave me a series of dirty looks. She really sneaks up on it, it is hilarious. She gets put out when we laugh too.
The second picture is Pepper without his cast. We took it off this afternoon. He walks with no sign of a limp at all. He has another week of stall rest though. Katie is taking him to the fair to do halter and showmanship with. Jed said that would be fine. Jed is our vet. No riding for a while though and we are all sad about that. She is disappointed about that but like is life.
The bottom picture is of Abby getting ready to go to the fair tomorrow. She had never been clipped other than her bridle path with the clippers and she did marvelous. I think she would stand on her head for Katie. Her back is almost healed. Probably in a couple of weeks she can ride her again. Katie needs to learn to be more forceful when she rides or Abby will run off with her over again. She is learning though. Am proud of her. She is a senior at Mead High School.
And she is training to be a vet assistant at the skill center. After she graduates she is going to Vet Tech school. Maybe at some point to Vet school.
The other critters here at Calico Acres Farm are doing well. The baby chicks are almost old enough to go out with the other chickens. We have kittens under the tack shed that we don't know where mom is. They are a couple of months old so should be OK.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A lovely day in the neighborhood.

It was just about a perfect day out today. Not too hot, not cold, just nice to get out and work in it.

Rusty got the day off kind of. I put a blue tarp over the fence. She about had a coronary but settled down. I rattled it every time I walked by. She freaked out each time but always swung around and looked at it. I put her supper up against it. She looked at me like darn you. Now I have to go toward it. She snuck up on it and grabbed a bite. It was funny.

I helped Katie work with Abby. She needs to look at some videos so she understands from someone else why and how. Abby is very quick to catch on. When her back is healed she will start riding her again. And we worked on Peppers mane some. Tomorrow his gel cast comes off and we will see if he is not limping. I think he will be fine. No riding for another month though. She will just show him at halter and do showmanship with him. That will be OK.

She rode Lena today and is in love. She will condition her and get her ready to sell. She is a big horse, much different than the shorter mustangs she is used to. She will ride her western but she has been ridden English a lot too.

No pictures today, did not take my camera outside except to take my daily picture. It is of our hay.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

I can't get pictures to upload tonight so its no pictures. Darn. I rode my old paint horse today for a while and it was like coming home. She is the most smooth horse I have ever ridden in my life. She was glad to have me get on her. When I got off she pressed her head against my chest and just stood there. Made me get teary.

Tyler did not get on Liberty yet but was all over her. She loves him and when its right I know she will just let him.I know he is a little nervous about it.

Bob and I both played with Rusty some. Mostly though she had different people all over around the pen and trucks going by, four wheelers and strange horses. I put Sierras big purple ball in with her and the wind blew it around. She is getting used to it. A blue tarp blowing caused some trauma but she will get used to it. Bob can go in and pet her w/out picking up the rope. I was going to change her halter today but too much else going on around here. We cleaned up all the scrap metal that is recyclable today and loaded it on a trailer. Bob will take it in latter this week.

A neighbor gave Katie a project. They have a paint mare they want her to ride and help sell. They got her for their foster daughter, gave her lessons, paid for shows did so much for her and in turn she wrecked their pick up and ran away and is telling people they kicked her out. Not so. Anyway they want to sell Lena. She is a big nice mare with a lot of training. They want $2000.00 for her and that is a bargain. Katie has her mustang Abby to ride too when her back is totally healed up from where she went under something and scraped it pretty deep the morning that the entire group ran amok, thru a fence about 3 times so who knows what she did to it but she has to stay off her until it is healed. This will give her something to do.