Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am sad

Today being the foggy grey, drizzly day that it was, Bob said lets go down to the horse sale to see how things are on that front. Like the silly about horses that I am, I said sure. So we -meaning he Tyler and I went to Davenport about one or one thirty. Got there just as it started. There were a few really nice riding horses that went for around the 800.00 mark. Some in the 500.00 and down. There was a Shetland/draft pony I would have loved. He was a pinto and big enough that I could have ridden him. And he seemed to have a sweet disposition. The only other horse I really would have liked was a 2 year old palomino filly who hurt herself in the trailer coming - all superficial and would have healed but was so scared and bloody. I think she went for 150.00. THEN came the loose horses and they went for 10.00 to 150.00. I had to leave because the buyers were buying them and some had papers, most were young. None were thin or abused looking, I just knew who was buying them. I went out to the car and read the Horse Previews that was laying there. Just could not sit there or I would have embarrassed myself sobbing.

We got home and Tyler went to town to his brothers. Probably won't be back tonight because it is so foggy. Bob and I did the chores. Dixie, Ditto, and Pepper get put in. They stand at the gate telling us to hurry up. I had to pet and kiss them and get a good hug on them. Bob has been changing some fences and added on to the shed he and Tyler built this summer. I might ride Pepper tomorrow. Dixie is so full of vim and vigor I think I might just let her be.

Katie didn't come again today. That's OK. She is an inexperienced driver and I worry about her. She would take exception to that but you remember when you were 17 and driving for a year. You knew it all. Well she is no different.

Just listened to the Cougars lose their first basketball game. :(. Gonzaga plays tomorrow. I can curl up and watch it after I ride when we get home from church.


  1. I know I couldn't handle going to a horse sale at all, so I feel for you. Those poor horses. That's one more thing to be thankful for - our ability to keep our own horses safe.

  2. Yep, I would have brought one home--so I stay away. I know myself too well--and if I bring home more I would jeopardize my ability to take care of the ones I have. I'm glad to hear some of the rideable ones got homes at least.

  3. All of the rideable ones got homes, it was the loose ones that I could not stand.

  4. That's really good that all of the rideable ones got homes. It proves that if we train our horses right, we increase their odds of getting homes if we ever fall on hard times.