Saturday, September 11, 2010

A better day -whoopeeeeeee

Our Back Country group sent me these loves flowers. Karen brought them and I suspect they were out of her flower garden. They were so beautiful and still are.

I feel a million percent better today. I ran a fever yesterday and I think that is why the world was so ugly to me. I did not eat much and tried to drink a lot of water but today is better. I still get tired if I get up and walk around much. I can't lift because of the hole in my groin so I am folding and putting away and Bob is putting clothes in and washer and moving them to the dryer.

I was so relieved that the cath only found scar tissue from the stent 7 years ago. So basically my problem was fluid on my lungs. I need to monitor my blood pressure and salt intake. I have not used salt in years but I will surely check canned and frozen things we eat. I will go see the cardiologist again in four weeks.

That is the good news but the saddest of news was on Facebook last night. Andi Harmon who is devout volunteer at the BLM Wild Horse corrals and a giving person. One of my good friends, we have stayed at their house numerous times and have had such fun. A week ago yesterday her husband Tom disappeared. He was found late yesterday deceased. She did not have any details but we all suspect he committed suicide for several reasons. Please keep Andi in your prayers. They had no children and no family in the area.

Blessings and thank yous for all your prayers and loving thoughts and notes.