Thursday, May 31, 2012

No horses again

I loved the acrobatics of the squirrels. There were 9 of them that came every day. Sometimes all at the same time and sometimes one or two at a time.

The Mourning Doves come around too. They eat off the ground. Not from the feeders.

The Red Tailed Squirrel comes some days. It is not one of the nine. He is not particularly friendly with the young grey squirrels

I am watching you.

This guy was on the window sill right outside the window. They are not much afraid of anyone inside the window.

Eastern Blue Jays. Sure are bright blue aren't they.

Did not go out and work Sage today like I had planned. It has spit rain off and on and I got the laundry caught up and planted my nasturtium seeds and the Bleeding Heart roots that I bought. I sure hope they grow. I love them. I am sure the nasturtiums will. They are pretty hardy.

We are going to our Mustang Meeting in about half an hour. I sent the notice before we left so I hope they don't forget.