Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Snowy Sunday

Bob getting us ready to leave for church. This first real snow was pretty but it can quit now. Last winter we got, I think, 97". We didn't go much in our little car. The lower elevations got snow but by the time church was out it had pretty much turned to rain. Not here but that was OK.

I am having a sentimental day. On this day in 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated. Nikki was 5 months old.

6 years ago on Thanksgiving Day was the last time our whole family was together before Scott died the following February. Do you ever get over losing a child?

Next week would have been my special sister in law's birthday. She died about 25 years ago at 55 years old. I have missed her alot.

I remember Thanksgivings when I was a kid and the whole family came, we dressed up and it was a wonderful day. Now its hard to get everyone together. Even as a young family the Williams family ALL got together. Loved it.

Enough thinking back. I don't know why that is filling my thoughts today.

Saturday Smiles

The itty bitty barn kitties. Six in all.