Sunday, December 7, 2008


A seven baseball caps - and yes they are all mine. I have several more. I wore them a lot when my hair was longer and I put my hair thru the back. Love them.

Had a very nice time at our Christmas party last night. The food was delicious and the company was fun. There are some that drink in excess and last night was no exception but they don't get ugly, just funny. At least they think they are. The slide show of this last year was fun to watch. We even made it into a couple of the pictures. Bernie does such a nice job. For those who saw the picture of Sierra and me, he took those pictures.

I went with Katie right after church this morning to a large tack sale of show stuff out in Greenacres. I think most of their things were vastly overpriced but they were nice things. Katie bought a show shirt. It will be very pretty on her with black chaps, a black hat and boots. It is very blingy and 3 shades of pink/Burgundy. On her black horse she will look very professional. Then we went to Corrall West and shopped. I hate it that they are going out of business. I got Bob a 30.00 shirt 60% off and a pair of warm gloves for the same percent off. I would have loved to have spend a lot there. Tyler needs boots, I could use a shirt, but this is not the time of year to spend money on myself. And, I made Tyler a quilt. (shhhhhhhhhh Nikki don't you dare tell). Then Doug and Judy - Katie's parents - met us and kidnapped Katie to go to Couer'D Alene shopping and then so see the lights. I almost invited myself along but.........didn't.

Bob left this morning for another elk hunting adventure. He says he is not going away like this next year but we will see. I hate having him gone but I know he enjoys it. The new frig for our trailer arrived but had been damaged so they sent it back. So they don't have that again this time. It will probably be after Christmas when it arrives again. We won't be using it until probably March anyway. His friend Don is going to help him put it in.

Thank you Andrea. I won her drawing. Can't wait to see it. I don't win things ordinarily.

Only 5 more days and my silly song will be over. Then who knows. We lit our first advent candle today. I thought last Sunday was it, but was wrong. So I lit the first one again and sang Joy to the World all by myself. Well not here by myself. Skeeter, Sophie (my old Shtzu) and Trouble the cat sat and watched me. Am almost done with my sewing and a couple of other little things and then I can clean up my mess and decorate the dining room table. I won a table/candle wreath last night and am anxious to put it out.

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