Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday July 13th.

Still have no pictures. It is all tied up with my printer and I could not get it connected. I need a disc. Jim is going to make me one and I will go out and get it. I can look at them but can't get them to go anywhere. So for now its just words. Sorry.

We found out today that Amelia had ear mites. We treated them and she just let us. Bob also trimmed her front feet last Thursday evening. She had such long toes he could not take her clear back. When he took off the worst and rasped them they bled so he just left them the way they were for now. He will do it about 2 weeks from now again. She is so happy. Thank you Dr. Doolittle for giving her an opportunity to have a good life.

Today when it was raining so hard we looked out and the horses were all out just eating and ignoring it. All but Ditto. She was under cover. Shes no dummy. The grass would still be there when the rain quit.

Everything is off the old computer and on to this new one except the printer. Vista looks so different from XP. I am getting it though. Thats OK. I am thrilled to have a new one. I wish I was more computer literate. Oh well, I know more than alot of 71 year olds.

Remember: A friend is one who pushes you in the swing, pulls you up the ladder, pats you on the back and hugs you goodby.
Katherine N. Davis