Tuesday, November 25, 2008


No picture today. I am tuckered plumb out and I don't think I went outside at all today. I spent the day cleaning up my sewing mess in the dining room so we can get back to using it for a dining table. I put things away carefully because it will have to come back out on Friday. I am not finished yet.

Then I made cranberry/orange relish so it could sit in the fridge until Thursday. It smells so good. And I made dinner roles today too. I hope there are still some left on Thursday. They smelled so good when I took them from the oven. Tyler ambled into the kitchen to see what smelled so good.

Steve was here by 8:30 to take all the measurements he needs for our new front porch. It is not what I wanted at all but he and Bob agree on it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I told him if it was ugly I would tear it down. That wasn't nice was it.

So besides the usual things like dishes and such that was my day. Tomorrow should be better.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Lea--I want the recipe for your cranberry-orange mash! Hope you have a wonderful time with your family!