Sunday, May 3, 2009


An almost do nothing day. Did get outside and walk around. Bob was grooming Rosie and I went and helped him a little bit. We walked around looking at things. The raspberries that we planted last fall are coming along. A couple of the sticks we planted are now dead sticks but the rest look encouraging. I worked a little on the bed that I am going to plant the nastursiums in. The pentunias that I planted a couple of weeks ago are still thriving.

It was nice this afternoon but I slept thru most of it. Am going to try and not take any medication tomorrow. It makes me so sleepy. The worst today is my right hand and the headache. I am going to go see my doctor tomorrow and hope I hear from State Farm so I can get this procedure going. I am going to start cleaning out the car tomorrow. If they don't total it, we don't want to send it to a repair shop with stuff in it.

You probably don't want to hear any more about "the wreck". I really want to get outside and do something tomorrow. Have a great start to your week. Well the work week anyway.