Friday, September 28, 2012

Tom turns 40

 My baby boy turned 40 this week.  Makes me feel terribly old.  We took he and Christy out to eat tonight minus children.  Children upset but oh well, it was their daddy's night.
 These are two flowers for my quilted pillow.  Kind of funny looking huh?  I have to make more.  Hopefully I will get better at it.  This has been the most frustrating part of it.
Baby Sage in her spot in the front yard.  Now to paint her.  I am not sure what kind of paint to get.  Will have to ask Marilyn when I see her the next time.

I woke up feeling a little queasy.  Went back to bed and slept a while and felt better.  Now we went out to eat and I am feeling kind of icky.  Must be on my toes tomorrow for Katie's shower at her mother in laws.  That is what I made the blankets for.

So saying that I think I will crawl in bed and see if I can just sleep this off.