Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Bob

Happy Birthday Bob

Today is Bob's birthday.  He is 74.  He went to Marysville yesterday and delivered some meat and got home today  just in time to have dinner and I baked him a cake.  Katie and Justin came and joined us.  Not much of a birthday party but its what it was.  He was at Nikki's last night and the kids were all there.  Lilianna (great granddaughter) who is 5 baked her Papa cookies.  No one could have given him a better present.  He and I have been hanging out together since we were 16 years old.

I fell in the snow on the way to get the paper this morning.  My knee is a little sore.  Didn't get hurt, just pulled my knee in a little bit odd and its telling me about it this evening.

I got so mad at Ditto this evening doing chores.  I have not put a rope on her to bring her in for years, just open the gate and she ambles to her stall.  Tonight she tried Rosie's stall, then Sages and then out the end of the barn.  I finished feeding and told her to go to bed.  I guess she didn't find anything interesting because she went in.