Monday, October 18, 2010

Lunch and other things.

Kind of an ugly picture. Our well broke again. Not the well but the line into it. This is the fourth time. Always in the nearly same place. The last time our son the plumber fixed it. Well he fixed it again. The picture is my picture of the day - DARK. The wet dirt certainly was dark and Bob's mood having to dig it up again was dark too. Double meaning for the word.
Had lunch with a friend today. That is always nice. She was down in the dumps because she had to have her kitty put down this morning. I would have probably cancelled lunch.
Sage and I had quite a day. I realized that I have been so anxious to get on and ride her I have bypassed some ground things that are really important so we are back tracking a little and doing the ground things. Today we worked with a flag on a stick. She about wigged out at first but not too long and I was laying it on her. That is not what spooked her the most. Just having it wiggle around on the ground is what made her spook. She levitates remember when she gets scared. Finally when she stopped and looked at it and reached out and smelled it we went for another little walk around the place and she ate some grass. Tomorrow we will go back to the white sack.
Have spaghetti sauce brewing. I will get it in the freezer tomorrow.
Our weekend got messed up. Bob needs to leave Thursday to go to a doctor appointement on Friday with his brother. I will leave Friday with Raselle and Arawyn. Arawyn is Carmen and Nikki's grandaughter and Raselle is her mother. Saturday is Carmen's 60th. birthday party. (Remember Katie you are house sitting) We will all be home Sunday. Have the rest of the week to get stuff organized and ready to leave. I will be glad when the tomatoes are all taken care of.