Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Two of our sweet Great Grand babies.

Jaxson is 8 months old and a tiny little guy.

It was Piper's 3rd. birthday.  She is my little Pipster, a tornado in a wee girls body.  Love those babies.

Another hot one and the fire danger is really high again.  It is going to be a hard fall if we don't get some real rain.  And with thunder and lightening due over the weekend, the danger is higher.  I worry about the grain farmers who are getting ready to harvest or are in the middle of it.

Didn't hear how Sage was today.  They were going to take her down to the river on a ride today.  Wish I could watch.

Had my yearly doctor's checkup.  I am amazingly well.  He liked my blood work and was amazed at my blood pressure.  It has come down a lot.  My heart rate is slow too.  He said that is good though.  He looked me over good.  Yesterday I fell down the back porch steps but I didn't hurt anything.  My wrist is a little tender where I caught myself but I think I looked like a 75 year old gymnast who didn't do as well.  My foot just slipped on the top step.  Nothing to show for it today, not even a bruise. 

I am off to bed.  Bob just got home from working in the hay fields, fixed him something to eat and rather than raise my BP worrying about the hours, I am just going to let him eat in peace and I will go to bed.