Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Katie and us had a real scare today.  Bob went over to feed our steers and found Abby down with her hind leg in the fence.  She had laid there and struggled quite a while.  The ground under her was thawed and wet.  Bob called Katie and she came right out.  They got the wire off her leg.  She was trembling and Bob could not get her up.  Katie walked over to get her halter and Abby struggled to her feet.  Bob called me to come sit with Justin and he came and grabbed the first two blankets out of our blanket trunk.  They put the cooler on and then the blanket over it.  She would not put that back leg down but they got her to the stall.  She pooped and peed.  They gave her a tube of electrolytes and a dose of bute.  Neither of us had any banamine.

She called a vet and she came out shortly.  Her left leg has some cuts but not bad.  She pulled muscles in her leg,  hip and clear up into her back.  The vet gave her banamine and they shut her into the stall.Two weeks of stall rest and the vet will come check on her Friday.  It was so scary. 

I would rather have been out helping because I could not see what they were doing and she was Katie's horse so Justin and I had a good visit.

Other than that, just a normal day.  I was supposed to hear from the fair grounds about the adoption today but they did not call.  I will call them in the morning if I don't hear.

Take care, remember Abby in your prayers.


Friday, January 25, 2013

No pictures today.  Sorry. 

Today was a Justin day but I knew I would not get home before Katie had to go to work.  So Bob, bless his heart, took care of him until I got here.  He will tell everyone that but in reality he was asleep when Katie brought Justin and still asleep when I got here and Bob went to the barn to work.  LOL.  Actually he woke up, I fed him and he was as happy as a lark until his mama got here early.

We woke up to freezizng rain this morning and the roads were treacherous.  I was late getting to the quilting group because part of the way was driving on what you could have ice skated on.  I got stuck getting out of our driveway.  It turned to regular rain and that is what it is doing at the moment.  It is supposed to turn to snow before morning though.  Its January and I know that.  February is almost here and that makes it closer to spring.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

These pictures are all from our friends property that live up west of Deer Park.  I was hoping to get some deer in the snow picture but they were not there that day.  Its quite a little drive from the main road to their home which is around the bend ahead of us.

We didn't do much today.  It wasn't quite as cold but things I had to do inside so I just looked out.  My bones get cold and then I am miserable.

Tomorrow is my quilt day.  I enjoy those ladies so much.  My quilt is getting closer.  I started another one but just making the squares now because I can take those places with me.  Here at home I just work on the big one.  I have the front and back together and about 80% quilted. 


Monday, January 21, 2013

This is the barn quilt that Nikki made me for Christmas.  It is beautiful and I just really love it.  Last night I was wondering about them and I entered Barn Quilts on Google and there were hundred of them.  Not just exactly like mine and that was wonderful.  I just love it.  Nikki says I will be a trend setter.  I don't know about that but I really do love it a lot and makes me smile every time I look out the window.
This is the picture of Sage that didn't upload yesterday.  She was coming at a trot.  When I put her out this AM she didn't want me to leave her.  She would have gotten in to my pocket if I had let her.
The trees that border our yard at the side.  .  They were so pretty this morning.

Our white rooster in the frozen fog covered pen this morning.  I wish I had gotten his face out better.I have not felt too wonderful this afternoon but better this evening.  I think I ate something that did not agree with me.  It all came out one way or the other.  I feel better now.

Have a dinner invitation for tomorrow evening and Wednesday too.  I will get to not have to cook.  We don't get a lot of dinner invites and they come in the same week.  It will be fun though. 

Take care,


Sunday, January 20, 2013

The apple tree outside out bedroom window in the freezing fog.  I tried to get a magpie sitting in the tree but obviously that didn't work.
Justin on Friday when he was at our place.  He is usually happy as can be.  He is talking and smiling and being a sweetie most of the time.
My sweet Rosie.  She is such a good girl.  I wish I could afford to have her preg checked to see if she is carrying a baby or not.  She kind of looks like it.  But she could just be fat.

And what can I say about Sage.  She saw her mama (me) in her pasture and she came to me.  It is hard to get pictures of her.  She loves me and I love her.

Don't know where her picture went.  I hope it come up when I post.

A beautiful day here today.  Not warm by any stretch.  It was 9 when we left for church this morning.  Fortunately it didn't stay that low all day.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Another picture of Sage up close.  She wanted me close and kept sticking her head out for me to rub it.  I love her so much.
This is Murphy, Marilyn's horse trying the same thing.  Murphy is a mustang from around Murphy, Idaho.Frozen fog is getting tiresome.  It is predicted to be hovering here for the next week.  It is pretty on the trees but not the roads.

I put a recipe for Beer Bread on here the last time I posted and it called for Self rising flour.  I looked it up and you can make your own with 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder per cup of flour.  I am going to bake another loaf but not tonight.

We surely are enjoying our butter we have been getting in Deer Park.  It is made by the Amish and the Yokes in DP carries it..  We ate it first at friends and got some for ourselves.  It is so good.  I don't like butter in a box and squares like margarine but I really like this.

I had Justin today and poor baby had a tummy ache all day.  When his mother picked him up and I told her and she got teary and said she had eaten some really spicy stuff last night and I am sure that is what upset his tummy today.  I felt so bad for him but all I could do was cuddle and rock.  He is really a happy baby and he loves me.  He was all smiles when she brought him.  The milk I gave him was pumped last night and that is what upset him.  Bless her heart, she is so faithful nursing him.  He was 3 months yesterday.

Steve came today and put the finishing touches for Bob to pour the floor of the bathroom in the barn.  It should have been done long ago but Steve has been busy.  It should be done by nice weather and I spend more time down there then.

We have a pair of large owls, really large that are around here in the mornings and some evenings.  We finally have found where they sit and hoot at each other.  We could hear then but for the life of us could not find them but Bob did yesterday.  They are so pretty.  We had one sitting on a post in our front yard a few months ago but it was too dark to get a picture.  I wanted one really bad.  Maybe another time.

I made potato soup for lunch today.  My all time favorite thing to eat.  The problem was I used all the milk.  Bob will have to eat something besides cereal for breakfast.  I will go to the store after I get up which is later than him.

Now that I have rambled along - nothing too exciting around here today.  Just a crying baby.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Darling 32 year old Ditto.  She is a real sweetie.  Her manners are usually good and she is glad to get out in the mornings.  She looks pretty good doesn't she?  She gets Senior Feed, bran, beet pulp and good hay every day.  She loves the attention.  She has a blanket but has not asked for it yet.  If she needs it she asks.  I will know.
Sages sweet eye looking at me.  I put her out this morning.  She looked for treats again but not as vigorously as she did the other day.  I turned her loose in the field and she followed me to the gate and hung her head over the gate and I rubbed and rubbed her face and kissed her and loved on her for about 10 minutes.  Then I had to go because Bob was waiting to leave for me.  He could not believe she stood there and had me love on her.  He turns her loose and she runs off and usually rolls.  She loves me what can I say.
Icicles off our roof.  I thought they were interesting.  .  They were not dripping this morning.  It didn't feel so cold but did not get above 30 I believe.  We have a period of fog  and it freezes on stuff.  It came in this afternoon.  It was pretty thick when we were in town but was here when we got home.Katie got a new job today making some decent money.  It will be so helpful for them.  I am proud of her for looking.  She like decorating cakes but not enough hours and not enough pay.  Now if Cam could get more hours they would be doing well.

We went to Big R today to get Senior Feed and some chew stop.  Sammi - Marilyn's mare is determined to have her shelter in on top of her.  She and Murphy have settled in pretty well other than that.  Then we went to Home Depot to get 3 door knob sets.  Three seem to have given out about the same time.  Then to get groceries.  It was out day to run errands and our  big grocery day of the month.

Lorie, Thank you so much for the Beer Bread recipe.  We had home made chili and beer bread for dinner.  We get our butter in Deer Park and it is Amish made and very delish,  That on warm bread was, well it was so good we both ate enough to get really full.  Just 3 ingredient, could not believe how good it is.  3 cups self rising flour, 1/2 C sugar and a bottle of beer.  Bake 45 minutes and butter the top and cook 15 more, repeat and its done.  @325.  I worried because I did not have self rising flour but bought some.

So that was my day for the  most part.  I still am quilting on my quilt.  That takes more time than I thought.  On light colored fabric its a strain on my eyes.  I will finish it, yes I will.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thank you Lisa

I have a very sweet young friend named Lisa.  Her husband is our Worship leader at church.  When she and I got together it was like we found a part of us that was missing.  I love her so much.  I posted this on Facebook but if you don't read that there, this is what she made me for Christmas.  It says Hope, Faith and Ride on it.  I love it so much and will wear it often.  Thank you Lisa so very much.
 I had Justin today so I didn't get outside to do anything.  Watched the horses rolling in the snow.  Wished I was out there with my camera but wasn't. 

I have to write to the Mustang Club tonight with a proposition we have from the BLM office in Burns.  They want to have an adoption in Spokane on June 7 and I have been given the job of finding a facility and maybe planning some events for our club.  I will need HELP.  Ramona is going to call me later this week and we will get the details organized.

I wonder if it is ever going to get above 25 degrees.  I just am wimpy about going out and riding when it is this cold.  It seems like its been cold forever at this point.  We had some freezing rain yesterday on top of snow.  Didn't appreciate that at all.


Monday, January 14, 2013

My baby horse in the snow in the front yard.  He was adorned with Christmas lights and I need to go bring them in.  He looks cold.  If I had a foal blanket I would put it on him.

Over a month ago when I put Sage out in the morning I gave her a treat.  Bob usually puts her out and he got after me for it because she expected him to give her one.  And he did not want her mugging him every morning.  Well I didn't give her any more and she quit mugging him for a treat.  BUT this morning I put them out and she just about pulled my coat off me pulling on the pocket and lipping my hand.  My coat had never had treats in the pocket.  She has quite a memory to remember that it was a month ago or more and it was me.  I had to keep getting after her and I hated it when it had been so long since I had gotten to handle her at all.

I apparently have not solved all my picture loading problems because I could only get one to load.  They were scenery pictures.  One of Mt. Rainer  when I went to Ellensburg last Saturday and one of our loved winter sunsets.  Oh well, I got one to load easily.  That was better than it has been.  

I ran errands today.  I had to have the oil changed in my car.  It is so aggravating that they always want to do any number of things besides what I asked them to do.  Then I went to the quilting store for thread and needles.  I lose needles right and left.  #9 sharps must be used by a lot of quilters because I got the last 2 packages.  I have thread somewhere but no doubt Tazzy used it for a toy and it is under something. 

Thank you Lori for the recipe.  I don't have any self rising flour.  I wonder if non alcoholic beer will work because that is what I have.  I can buy some but have that.  It sounds so easy I surely want to try it.  For every one else it is a recipe for Beer Bread.

Take care .

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Here I am

This is Tazzy and the picture on the computer is of the barn daddy Hitler sitting in the sun.  Tazzy was so fascinated she tried to get him to play and he just sat there. 

Not a horse picture I know but being sick since Christmas has not gotten me out and about.  I will though I promise.  Have some pictures of scenery in the snow on my camera and tomorrow I will get organized now that I know how to get a picture here.  Thank you Nikki for helping me, rather telling me how to do it. 

Blessings to you all, will be back tomorrow I promise.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Still can't get a picture to load.  This is making me really really REALLY mad.  I feel much much better, still not on top of all things but today have been cleaning house and we did some errands in town.  We went to lunch, came home and took naps.   Not too exciting of a day huh?

The horses went on a run about but fortunately they only got into the arena instead of clear out.  They had a grand time running around, bucking, unladylike farting and tearing around.  I think this nasty wind we are having blew the gate over, probably with a little help. 

I am basting my quilt before starting to quilt.  I wanted it done but this takes a while.  I really am getting a little excited about getting it this far. 


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting Well

I can not for the life of me get a picture to upload here.  I need my computer worked on.  I don't think its must my ignorance or ineptness that is making these ugly things happen.

I am feeling some better but did not go to church this morning.  I was afraid I would start to cough and create a scene or something.  Maybe next week. 

My sleigh is down and Bob has made me a track to run in.  It is a cutter so it has narrow runners and will not go in deeper snow.  I am excited though to get to use it.  Last winter there was not enough snow that lasted long enough.  I will hope to be able to get some pictures to upload for me. 

I am putting the last row on my quilt.  When I get the front all together, I will take a picture.  In the meantime - I just keep plugging away.  I am excited to see it happening.  My first completed real quilt. 

If I can get this cough to go away I am going to work with Sage some in the round pen.  Snow or no snow.  We had a couple of really cold nights/days.  Near 0 a couple of them but it has warmed up into the 20's recently (that sounds so silly 20 being warmed up).  I want to ride. 

Take care, I just remember one more day of winter gone and one day closer to spring.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Crud

On our Christmas Eve roaming we got to see the big Whidby Island Ferry coming in.  I love riding the just anywhere but we didn't have time that afternoon.  They are so big.  I hate being the first car on though.  I always think we are to shoot right out into the water.  My favorite ferry ride is out of Anacortes to the San Juan Islands.  We have not done for a long time.
These boots were one of the things I got for Christmas.  Love them, just what I wanted.  They have a comfortable walking heel and you can ride in the.

We still have this crud going around.  We both seem better today.  I am glad.   I have trouble laying down because I cough worse but at least I feel like my head is remaining in place.

I have a little thing going here. My list of people who have read my post is growing.  Nearing 40,000.  Then it reaches there and the person has commented - you will get a prize.  Don't know yet but keep watching.