Saturday, February 23, 2013

This picture was taken about a year ago.  My two horse loves.  Ditto is 32 and is looking a little frail but not too bad.  She got a lot of supplements and extra stall time this winter.  She needs her teeth done but that will have to wait a couple of months for our finances to catch up some.  She is queen of the place and of all the horses.  Just ask her and she will tell you.

Sage and her have a  buddy thing going.  At least on Sages part.  Ditto could care less but Sage has taken to watching out for her.  It is kind of sweet actually.

It is sunny today but only in the mid 30's and the wind is blowing.  Not conducive to going out and working with Sage.  If I didn't know there were only 5 days left in February and then March will be here and we  will very close to  Spring I might be more concerned about the weather. 

This evening we are going to the Mule Club's annual dinner and auction.  No we don't have mules but a lot of our friends do and they invite us to go with them.  It is always fun.  No need to really dress up, just nice jeans etc. and lots of good food.

Tomorrow after church we are going to go help a man out by Liberty Lake with his Kiger mustang.  He (the horse) is gentled and he has ridden him but - he dumps the guy periodically.  The guy is pretty much in the need of help.  We will recommend a trainer friend, Ginger Swisher,  if he feels that is what he needs to do.  She will work with the horse and with him too.  I really wanted to send Sage to her but Marilyn did so much to help me I didn't.  Maybe we can give him some hints too if he will listen.  Sometimes people need to hear the word trainer in front of your name.  I don't know, we haven't met him yet.

I am about as anxious to get back on Sage as I was to get on her the first time.