Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today I am thankful for running water in the house. When we got home from Nikki's on Sunday evening, there was a major leak in the well house. Water was running all over. Bob turned the water off immediately before I even had a chance to get water in a couple of big kettles or anywhere. So, we had to depend on a gallon of water I had in the pantry and 2 smaller bottles of water in the fridge. Then I did find two parts of bottles in the car. So that is what I had to wash my face, brush my teeth and so on. When he got home Monday evening he got it fixed so Wahoo we had water in the house. I do not feel like being a pioneer at this point in my life. So I am very thankful for water coming out of the faucets in the house.

Did nothing outside today. I got some kind of a bug over the weekend that has settled in my sinuses and it makes me cough alot. So I lazed around today and just did laundry and that kind of stuff.

Have a good Wednesday.