Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Third Day.......................

Three horses my dining room window. The sun shone through them today and they looked especially pretty.

I went in and got my meds today. Hate taking so many but.......a stroke, even a small one, makes me leery of not taking them. It was sticker shock because our Medicare supplement only pays so much in a year and I hit it last month. I had a slight case of hysteria but finally wrote the check. It makes me sad that I have to take so many expensive ones and Bob takes nothing, just vitamins. He told me he would rather have me than the money but it hurts my heart. Enough of my whining about one thing or the other. Its the season to be jolly and I am going to be no matter what.

Bob and Tyler got the last of the barn that fell down at Bill's next door last winter all cleaned up and hauled off. It seems that they would get sidetracked everywhere else and they told Bill they would do it. They live in Wyoming now and we use their property and did use that part of the barn for the cows but not now obviously. We watch the house and Bob goes in about once a month to make sure all is OK. I wish we could afford to make him an offer on it.

I probably shouldn't have written anything today, but the sun shone and I got a lesson in humility at Walmart today. I was feeling bad, depressed really about the cost of the medicine that I really must have and had gotten a few groceries - still forgot potatoes - and pushed the cart out to the car put my stuff in and was moping my way back to the car. A little older lady who could hardly walk was wrestling her empty shopping cart. I took it and told her I would put it away from her and the Lord poked me in the ribs and said see you can walk. Cheer up. I have tried all the rest of the day. I can walk, I can run if need be, I can do a lot of physical things. Not every one at 70 can go saddle their horse get on and ride. So .......buck up old lady.

Am already thinking four. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think I like my song better as it materializes before my eyes.


  1. They moved Glady's to the nursing home mom and she told Carmen she didn't want to be there with those OLD people. LOL Not bad for 92 eh?

  2. No Nikki its not. Alot of them are younger but don't act like it.