Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday with the boys

I guess they really aren't boys but young men but they are still boys to me. This is Dustin on Pepper. He was trying to remember how to hold the reigns. I don't think he had ridden here for about 10 years. He knew how to get on though.
He asked Tyler to ride Pepper first so he could watch. Tyler did. He really was quite a good rider when he lived here and rode alot.
No matter where Liberty goes in the rest of her life, she is going to know Tyler. She loves him and was so glad to see him. She rested her head on his shoulder like "where have you been". I wish he had a place for her and we would talk Bill into giving her to him. He loves her tool.

Dustin loving on Wrangler. I know the lens didn't open right but forgot to check it. Wrangler just wants anyone to pay attention to him.
Joel, their brother that is between them in age, came out today. They jammed a while with guitars and drums. I wanted to get a picture of the three of them but they didn't stay in one place for me to remember I wanted a picture. I enjoy having them all here.
Dustin, with Tyler helping rewired our telephone system today. That is the kind of work Dustin did until he got laid off. However both boys got calls that could lead to fairly good jobs for them if they can snag them. Tyler has a job interview Friday AM and Dustin has to get a resume in ASAP. Will be praying for them both.
We seem to be turning into a burro rescue. Bob is off picking up one this evening. Anyone want a BLM burro. I will have more information tomorrow and probably pictures. He has been a pet of an old man who can't take care of him any more. He is titled, that is all I know for sure and that he is a burro. Anyone have a good idea of how to get the rolls of fat off of Eddie? He thinks we are starving him to death. Just is getting grass hay.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Another day without pictures. I felt much much better this morning, am running down this evening but know that is normal.

Our grandsons are here helping us with some things that we needed help with. I took Dustin the Home Depot for the stuff he needs to do the phone line repair. Tyler dug up a pipe that leaked today. Our son Steve who is a plumber is coming to repair it. This is the 3rd. time there has been a leak in that area. Bob is befuddled and so is Steve. Hope 3rd. time is a charm.

It was cold today. I had to turn the furnace on this AM. I want more Indian Summer.

This is my Thankful Tuesday and today I am most thankful for Dustin and Tyler who came 300 miles to help us out for a couple of days. They are thoughtful and delightful young men. Tyler is 21 and Dustin is 26. Tyler has a job interview in Marysville on Friday AM. I am praying he gets it, Dustin wants to work on a fishing boat but knows about telephone lines and such. They are from Nikki's six boys. Love them bunches.

Monday, September 28, 2009

A surprise visit

I was so surprised I forgot to take a picture. Darn, double darn. I got a telephone call this morning about 10 from Geri King who I went to High School with in Eatonville, WA. I did not graduate from there, I graduated from Bethel in Kapowsin, WA. She was coming thru and wanted to know if she could stop by. Of course I said yes. I had not seen her since I was 15 or 16. Because I have felt so crappy for so long, my house was not company clean. I gulped and began to pick it up and wipe up the hardwood floors. She got here about 4 and we had a marvelous but short visit. We talked 110 miles and hour for a couple of hours. Then she was off to relatives in Couer D'Alene, ID. It was a great visit. We visited all the horses and Freddie and the chickens and goat.

I am kicking myself about no pictures though. Dang nab it. The memory is in my heart though.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday on Mt. Spokane

Today Bob and I went for a ride to the top of Mt. Kit Carson and then up to Mt. Spokane. Kit Carson is right beside Mt. Spokane. It was a long ride and it you go up, you must come down. And that is the hard part. Some tough riding but we made it.
This little guy sat on my foot and begged for food. I fed him bits of bread. He loved it. He was so cute and posed so nicely.

Shannon Ron and Bob. I don't know why he has such a grumpy look on his face. He wasn't grumpy.

I always end up taking riders backs. Pepper is the slow one and that puts me in the rear. It is not bothersome to me riding back there but seems to bother others that I am back there by myself.
So my body is tired, especially my knees, and we had a good time. Hope you week is wonderful.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Saturday Smile

This is the youngest helper at the Escure Ranch at the Public Lands Word Day that Bob and I participated in. Worked hard and got a Tee shirt. This little guy spent the day on his mom or his dad's back and did just fine. He made me smile anyway.

Another smile for me today was reading Matt's post at Pryor Wild and hearing that each and everyone of the Pryor Mountain horses got adopted today. I wanted to go soooooo bad, but we don't need another horse and that would have happened.
This was some of the work that was done today. I helped take out a barbed wire fence. A couple of old guys didn't like how I was doing it and didn't like how I rolled up the old wire so I appointed myself picture taker and let them do it. I did walk about a 20 acre field with Bob and checked the fence so the cows that range there could not get into the equine only area. That was a hike in the weeds, sun and wind.

Bob working on the fence that we walked. It was actually in good shape except where the deer crossed over.

Bob and our friend Jerry. Bob was one of the team captains what ever that meant. He worked just as hard. I don't know why they only made 2 12 x 12 pens. However, I am not the government and don't know they think but I thought that was weird. Oh well, it is done now and we accomplished alot and got a T shirt to boot.
Our Back Country chapter had 9 people I think. Steve Smith who is in charge of Parks and Rec in the BLM does not understand horse people and horses at all. I told him I would rather be at a Mustang Horse function and he gave me a look.............maybe I should not have said that. Not the first time I have put my foot in it.
Have a super Sunday........................we will.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Today Bob and I slipped away and went up to Sandpoint, Idaho to the Draft Horse and Mule Show. It was really fun. This was the winning four abreast competition. It was just awesome. These horses are Percherons.
This was a 4 Up hitch of mules in the farm driving competition. Look at the front legs of the lead team. It is so stunning to watch.

This is the winning team in the farm driving. The horses are from Lynden, Washington which is over on the coast near Bellingham.

This was a lady and her team of Belgians in the farm driving competition. I think she got a 3rd. place.
Somehow I forgot to load my next to favorite picture. It is an 8 up team of Fresians. They were from the Netherlands. They are just spectacular. We had a very fun day and it was good to get away for a while however, I am tired. Our Indian Summer is spectacular and not yet time to pack away the shorts.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

This is Ronnie the mustang that no one seemed to know was a mustang. Jo called Ramona today and we are short a number in her title. I e mailed our pictures a bit ago. I know it will work out but is going to be one of those tricky ones.
We had our mustang horse club meeting this evening. It seemed unanimous that no one want to do a horse show but me. Cathy Johnson had a wonderful idea that may work by starting two or three horses and having monthly events and publicising them. It is an idea that we have to talk about some more. It is what I am thinking about this evening.
I also am thinking about my little dog who seems to have made it thru his surgery fine but he is very sad. He has slept with me almost every night since he was about 3 months old and tonight he is confined to his carrier with a thingy around his neck so he can't lick himself.
Also remembered something else. I got a picture on Facebook of Sierra. She is getting to be a really big girl. She looks so pretty. Am to thankful she has a good home with someone who loves her like I did. She is two 1/2 and is pushing 15 hands.
Right now I am thinking of how good my bed is going to feel. Its been a long day. Blessings to you all.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I thought I would have pictures but am too tired to get them off the camera so again - tomorrow.

I played with Eddie today for a bit and put him out in the big arena. He did not like it too well. He went around the edge about 3/4 of the way around and then turned around and galloped back to the gate. He did venture around the edge but not when I was watching did he go out to the middle.

This afternoon a lady from Clayton (north of Deer Park which is north of Spokane) and asked us to come and read the brand of a mustang that she had bought not knowing she was a mustang. The guy who sold her did not tell them. She has a long mane that covers it and the lady who bought her did not know about a blm brand. We read it, I think. I am not sure about one number but we did the best we could and will take the paperwork to Angie on Saturday. The lady is afraid blm will come take her but that will not happen. I told her to call Ramona in Burns, Oregon and she would help her figure out where she is from. Ronnie is a beautiful buttermilk buckskin. She is not a dun and has no striping. Just a beautiful buckskin mare. She was born in 1998. That we are sure of. The guy that she bought him from said she was five. Wrong.

Tomorrow Skeeter has his surgery. It makes me worry, he is so little but it is necessary. An intact male dog, even tiny is difficult to take places with you.

Hope you have a very pleasant Thursday.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today I am thankful for the opportunity to rescue this little critter. He is sweet and gentle and loveing. He comes and puts his head up against you and and just sighs. Let me introduce you to Fast Eddie.
He is on the verge of founder. He is on a strict diet. You could set a table for 4 on his back and have plenty of room. I don't know how old he is but he is not really old nor is he very young. Donkeys live a very long time. Bob trimmed his front feet this evening and he didn't like it a whole lot but they got it done. His feet have been taken care of pretty much but were do for a trim. He loves apples, doesn't eat carrots but likes the tops. He wants his apple cut up however. He did not want to take a bite out of it. And when he dropped it, he wanted it washed off. LOL.

Wonder what Maggie is looking at? I wondered too. When I went out to see what was up in the tree, this is what I found.

Poor kitty. I got after Maggie. She knows better. I put her into the house and in a few minutes I went out to see if I could shake him out but he had gotten himself down. Its a walnut tree and not very tall. I didn't want to have to drag out the step ladder and try to get him down because he has never been handled and it could have been very interesting.
Life feels a little better. My head is running and I think that means this crud is breaking up. Thank goodness. It was warm and it felt good to get outside and do some things I wanted. I took a long nap this afternoon and had weird dreams but woke up feeling good.
Have a great Wednesday. I have to go to town. And drive the truck. I can do it. I can, yes I can.

Today I am thankful that we had the ability to rescue this little critter. He is sweet and loveable and loves to be hugged and puts his head up against you and just sighs. Let me introduce you to Fast Eddie.

Monday, September 21, 2009


The sign has been there for several years but they are finally working on the ground. Its about 5 miles from us.
Today I thought I would just ignore the stuffy head ect and went with Bob to the auction. I forgot to take my camera so tomorrow you will meet Fast Eddie. He is a cute little donkey that I started bidding at 10.00 and got him for not much more than that. He is as cute as a bug and as sweet as can be. Have no idea how old he is. I will sell him to the first $100.00. As long as its a good home. Of courst he is not fast at all. Just ambled up to the trailer and we put a halter on him and then he said I don't think so. That was a few minutes of laughs but finally he hopped in and when at home he hopped out and followed me down to the round pen. He is VERY fat and needs to be on a diet. Rolls of fat but he has not foundered. His feet are in good shape too. He lay down in the round pen and rolled and rolled. So cute.
So that was my exciting day. No cows/calves/steers or any bovine creatures came home with us. Just Fast Eddie.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


There are alot of pictures today because I inadvertantly fixed why I could not get the pictures to show up. I know what I did so if it happens again, I know.

The top pictures are from the Trail Challenge that I judged a portion of. These two riders had just finished the course and were headed out of the course area. It was a nice day until the end when it rained just a little.
This is a friend of ours, Jerry, on his new horse. He is a Missouri Foxtrotter. Seemed to be a good horse. Jerry was kind of an outrider on the course to see that no one got lost or hurt or whatever.

This is Kassidy on Issy. He is a sweet POA that she has had for a few years. I think Kass must be 13 but looks 10 and that is the size she is. Don't anyone tell her I said that. She is a sweet young lady and she rides like a bonafide cowgirl.

Now we start on the fair pictures. If you are interested at all in NASCAR you will know who this car belongs to. Dale Earnhardt Jr. He is a real favorite of Tom, Christy, and me. Although he has not done so super this season we still think he is awsome. I almost climbed in the car to take pictures for Tom and Christy but thought I ought not do that.

Isn't this indian dress beautiful. I love beautiful beading.

This is my Saturday Smile picture. I know its Sunday but it would have been yesterday. Bob was helping Shannon get her goats milked. He was talking to people as he was milking. Those little girls standing beside him came and got to try their hand at it.

Bob helping Shannon show a goat. It was really funny. He had never done it before. You always keep the goat between you and the judge and they have a way to turn so that happens. Bob didn't get that down and stepped over the goat. It made everyone including the judge laugh. We had no idea how they go about showing a goat. Those goat owners are serious about it though.

Shannon and one of her young goats. Not this little one but a grown up milker was the top show goat. We were not as impressed as Shannon was.

Has anyone heard of that breed of cattle before. They had them all out on the wash rack or I would have taken their picture. They are kind of red. Had never heard of them before.

This duck was so beautiful. It is an Asian duck. He was so black with that green head and highlights.

Now this is a fluffy chicken. It was full grown. I thought she was cute.

These were the weirdest geese I have ever seen. They were noisy too but aren't all geese.
That is two days pictures. None for today. Today I went to the horseshow to work but there really was nothing for me to do so I came home and went back to bed. I literally slept all day. Maybe that will break the back of this bug that seems to have camped in my head.
Hope your week is peaceful and your days filled with love.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Don't know whats up with Blogger but it will not let me open pictures. Darn darn double darn. the trail ride comptetition today was great. Some talented horses.

I think an old fashioned head cold has settled in. Mercy does it not every end. I have to work tomorrow morning at a horse show for the day. I may not get out of bed next week. Well maybe not til Monday afternoon. I have to go get some books, get a pair of jeans and a couple of groceries. I am sorry if it sounds as if I am whining. Maybe I am................

Friday, September 18, 2009


I have a stack of pictures but can not get them to open. So, I will do them tomorrow. They are the fair. That is where we spent out day today and I am EXhausted. Tiring. But fun. Some pretty funny chickens, and weird geese and Bob helped show goats. A totally new experience. Tomorrow I will tell the tale. Even the judge laughed. Looked at everything and watched a horse drill team contest. Too dusty to stay but it was a good day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Was thinking today:

I feel better, now just the remnets of a cold sort of. The sore throat is mostly gone.

I have been talking with my sister about classmates that we graduated from HS with. Her class just had their 50th. reunion. What different roads we have all traveled. Some of us a long way from where we lived then.

How good the squash is that Shannon brought us. It must have weighed 40 pounds or more. Bob split it into 8ths and I baked it and am putting it into bags and into the freezer. I ate some with supper tonight.

How warm it was today when it was supposed to rain.

How I need to get my saddle oiled. I watched a thing on RFD today and realized mine was in need.

How funny Ditto and Amelia are.

Why the state mental hospital in Medical Lake took a criminally insane man to the fair and let him get away. I am not a spooky sort but I locked the doors. He killed a woman because "God" told him to. Not my God.

I need to go to the used book store. My supply has about run out.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am much better today. Wish I could figure out how to put the pictures in order. The drag and drop is above my understanding. I thought I knew but the space is small so it did not work so these are not in order at all.

This is Peppers rear and Abby peaking around. When I went out to put them in this morning I decided to take some pictures of the group.

Then there is YUMA. Mr. make me smile. Since we took him to the horse show in June, he has loved being handled, caught and loved on. I think he liked it out there and thinks he is still king of Christensen Rd.

And of course Wrangler. He is clueless, but the mares all want him close. They think he is so gorgeous. They are not wrong. He is such a nice boy.

Amelia was standing in the shade and watching them come in. She has Ditto in with her. I thought the 2 old mares would get along well together. They are kind of bitchy with each other. I think they will get over it though. They both are Diva's and expect special attention. Ditto has always gotten that and she does not like sharing. AND Amelia has come to that title since she has been here and does not like sharing either. Like 2 old sisters living in the same house.

This was supposed to be the first picture. Oh well, this was them coming in. In order from the front: Wrangler, Pepper, Rosie, Yuma, Raven, Abby and Liberty. Quite a nice looking group of horses huh?This is a picture of my nasturtium bed. Isn't it pretty. I planted a lot of seeds, especially the viney type. Its fading as most are doing in the fall but still just love it. It turned out just as I hoped it would.
Bob is out at the fairgrounds helping Shannon get a trailer load of goats settled. Tomorrow I hope to be pretty much back in the groove. I did make supper tonight. Spaghetti and Facacia bread. Thank you for you good thoughts through this.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

I am not up to feeling thankful about much today EXCEPt:

I am thankful for antibiotics when you get a bug like this. 24 hrs. have not accomplished much but I expect to when I wake up tomorrow.

I am thankful for Bob who came home from work and fixed me dinner and is doing the dishes.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Morose Monday

I went to the doctor today and have strep throat. No wonder my throat hurts. So its back to laying down and dozing and taking the antibiotics on time. Bob went over to work with Blondie and Target. I wanted to go but am not up to it. DARN. I don't have time to be sick.

Maybe things will look up tomorrow.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

An addition to Sunday

First of all, Raven is OK today, the diarreah is gone, her gums are normal and she is happy. We put her out and will look at her in the morning. It was scarey. Her temp was very normal this morning too.

And Anita, they feed the milk to the pigs. We get milk from Shannon who lives down the road. She feeds her milk to her mules. Crazy huh. We don't buy milk anymore. We will when kids come though unless we don't tell them. She gives us to us.

Saturday Smiles on Sunday

Farmer Williams returning a tractor he borrowed while ours was down.I had to smile as I followed him down the road. Hope you do too.

I feel awful with a cold and sorethroat. Will go to the doctor in the morning. I know they can not treat a cold but think its a lulu of a sinus thingy.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A ride to the top of a mountain (well sort of)

Here we are beginning up the trail. I believe there were nine of us. Just a nice size group. Bob did not get to go because Raven was really sick and he needed to care for her. I will tell that saga after the trail ride pictures. It was hot today but the higher we climbed in the trees, the nicer it was.
I am always in the rear so pictures are usually of people riding off. I tried on up over my head but got a part of Melissa's body that she would not want on here. So did not try that again and any way, I was usually last.

We had lunch in this little flat area. That is Charles leaning against the tree. Someone had been there before having a party and I was so angry at whoever it was. In the middle of such a beautiful place, given to us to ride on by Spokane Country and there were beer cans strewn all over, cigarette packages either empty or stuck on a bush. None of had pack bags to pick it up. We all just had horn bags or the like. Makes me want to ride back up there and clean it up.

Angelique and Melissa sharing a Kodak moment. The big black mare is a mustang. The other 2 are Arabians. We were so glad to have them along with us and hope that this isn't the last time to see them.

Andrea and her horse Tonka. He is a mustang from Coyote Lakes HMA in Oregon. She is a sweet friend who likes to go slow too and rode with me in the rear along with Bea and her mustang Cody. I did not get a picture of the front of her. Just her back. All of these folks plus Cathy and her daughter Samantha are good friends and it was so fun to ride with them.
Now to Raven. Bob sat with her most of the day. He talked to the vet and they decided to wait it out before he came out. She got a tub of electrolytes earlier in the day. She was not colicing yet but would have. Her temp was below normal, no color in her gums and massive diarreah. After the electrolytes and most of a gallon of Kaopectate for horses, I think Koelin is the name. Something like that, she now has a normal temp and the color is coming back to her gums. She is in a stall and liking the attention. If she still is OK in the morning, she can go back out with the others but she was one sick puppy this morning. Hate it when they are sick and they can't tell you what is the matter. The vet thought she was dehydrated.
THEN after I got home, I had told our neighbor Shannon that I would help her this evening with her goats. Having never milked a goat, it was interesting even with a milking machine. We got it done though and it did not take long with two of us working at it. Its not all that different from milking a cow but had not done that for many many years. It was a long, good, happy, fun day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday, September 11

Yesterday was thinking day but who could not think about 8 years ago today. I remember laying on my bed watching things flying out of the Twin Towers and the horror I felt when it dawned on me that it was people. There are some things that just never can leave your memory. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Today I went and got a perm. Its not the best one I have ever had but not the worst either. At least its not string straight hanging in my eyes.

I went to get some things in Walmart and ran into my friend Crista. Had not seen her for a couple of years. She trains, rides, shows Arabians, Half Arabians and some saddlebreds I think. They are leaving Tuesday for Kentucky to the Sport Horse Nationals. I put my foot in my mouth and asked her about Toddy - her old arabian. He and Ditto were the same age. I knew it was the wrong thing by the look on her face and she lost him last winter to colic. I felt awful. He was a great horse. About the same time she lost her Jack Russell dog that she had had for a long time. Not a good winter.

It is hot today. Love it. Tomorrow we will be going on a ride out near Liberty Lake. It should be a great day - we will take our lunch and eat it along the trail somewhere. It is with the Mustang Horse Club. I will have pictures for sure.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

These are my thoughts today. These are questions I am wondering about.

Why do yellow jackets have it in for me. Got stung this afternoon again. The third time in a month. All I was doing was showing Katie something about braiding her horses tail.

Why the horses have to fight with one another over where they can standstand in the shade.

Why Skylor has to give his mother such a hard time?

Why so many of my dreams seem like pipe dreams?

Why our family is so spread out.

Why part of my body is getting older faster than the rest of it.

Why so many of our young people think its cool and clever to use such vile language.

Why so many young women seem to think wearing jeans with big holes in them is beautiful.

Why so many are out of work? I understand the economy but some have found jobs. Why is it so hard?

Why some liberals seem to be so critical of those of us who are conservative and make accusations because they disagree.

Why it was OK to criticize President Bush and be ugly but no one can critisize President Obama without being accused of being a screamer or a terrorist.

Why people forget to be respectful of others.

Why some groups send out such awful information about the round up in the Pryor Mountains. Most of it not true.

I wonder about:

How long I will be able to ride.

Will Bob ever slow down.

Will Jackie get to come home.

Will we get to go to the Mustang roundup.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today I am thankful for God's beautiful creation. After a weekend spent out in the midst of it, I am more aware than ever of the beauty of it. The water, the beautiful Enchanted Forest that we rode thru, the huge cedar trees we rode by, the animals and birds. All of it. Thank you God for sharing it with us.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Monday

We had a wonderful camping trip. Lots of fun despite the rain. It only barely sprinkled on us when we were riding and poured at night. Fun. This is me on Pepper. At the end of a 12 mile ride. My jeans were hiked up, my saddle pad has slipped and Pepper did not want to pose for pictures. He kept saying get off already. I rode in my new saddle and what a wonderful difference it made. It fit me way way better and it fit Pepper way better.
We stopped at this lovely lookout and Bob was watching a Mountain Goat across the valley. He forgot his binoculars in the truck so we just could watch a little dot of white way across the valley. This is in the Lola National Forest. It was so beautiful.

Bob and Katie ahead of me crossing Fish Creek one of many times in our two days of riding. Pepper was not too happy but did not refuse. The rocks are round and about football size so it was not such easy footing.

Not a real good picture but it is a cow moose and a calf. It was so cool to see them. She did not stick around for us to get many pictures. She told her baby- we are outa here.

This was such a quiet and peaceful area. We called it the enchanted forest. Not a sound anywhere. We could not even hear the creek at this point. Kept thinking we would see a deer but we didn't. It seemed almost like a sacred place.

Bob sitting by the fire at the end of the day. I think he got more sore than I did. He was tuckered out.

This is a ranch house that you pass on your way out. It is St. Claire Ranch. I believe I could live out my days there and never leave. The scenery, the wild life, Oh my. A dream huh?

This guy was right along side the road on our way out. It had been eating berries and we interrupted his brunch. It was a surprise. Had never seen a bear in the wild that close. We told him not to worry but he came down from the tree and left.
We had a really marvelous time. When we were almost home though a pickup, on the freeway darted out right in front of us and slammed on his brakes. We were traveling about 60 mph. Bob had to brake fast and the truck was all over. I thought it was going to roll with the trailer and three horses. God was with us, we did not hit any one and no one hit us. We got to the shoulder of the road and Bob checked on the horses. They were fine. I wanted to have hysterics but held on to it and cried quietly. Of course the pickup that caused it all went merrily down the highway oblivious probably of the chaos that they had caused. My stomach is still upset.
Other than that, we are safely home, trailer and truck unloaded, we have had baths and I washed my hair. Our long awaited weekend is over but the memories..........