Wednesday, August 28, 2013

 Our first view of antelope.  We have been on a short little trip to Bear Creek, Montana.  It is about 50 miles from West Yellowstone.  It is a campground/trail head on Bear Creek.  A lovely little spot in Montana.  Although it is Bear Creek and there are signs all over the place about grizzly bears, and black bears, there were none to be seen.  I did not want a grizzly to come through but maybe up on the hillside.  We did see fresh bear tracks on a little hike Bob and I took but no sighting.  The antelope were very leery of us and took off when we stopped to take a picture. 
 The clouds were very interesting.  The swooped up behind the hill and the disappeared back down.  I thought we were in for a thunder boomer but it did not happen.  The cloud was very pretty though.
Any one who really knows me, knows that I HATE bridges.  Bridges of any kind, and mostly walk over bridges.  I had Bob take my picture so I could prove that I walked over it.  You can't see my white knuckles hanging on though.    I almost waded though, I will have to admit.

It was great to get away for a few days.  We visited some friends who were hosting the campground for a couple of weeks.  They have a nice camper so we stayed in the cabin that is provided for them.  Then we journeyed up to Helena and visited some good friends who moved from Cour d'Alene to Helena a few years ago.  It was good to see them.  We had wanted to see other friends in Whitehall but they were on their way to Spokane to visit family so that did not work.  I was sad about that. 

So now back to our routine here.  The big storm that went through here on Sunday took out 8 to 10 big poplar trees.  Some over fences.  Fortunately nothing was in the pasture.  And a big Blue Spruce in the rental where Katie lives.  It just came down in the yard and did not hit their house.  Bob worked most of the day getting it cleaned up.

Tomorrow evening is the Mustang and Burro Club meeting.  I hope every one shows up.  We have some things to decide and to put into motion.  I enjoy that group.

I spent most of the day inside getting laundry caught up and putting things in order.  I don't know about anyone else but when we get home from a trip, stuff gets brought in and set down.