Saturday, March 23, 2013

Isn't this what every one needs in their kitchen?  I guess I did for a few days anyway.  surely he can go outside if it just would warm up a little.  The sun shone today but it snowed off and on at the same time.  He just could not tolerate it.  He can jump out if he gets hungry and you don't respond when you should.  The little stinker. 

Today I took Sage to the hitch rail and groomed her good.  She has big balls of mud, manure on her in a couple of places.  I got some of them off but I need to soak them some.  Tomorrow I am going to take a bucket of warm water down and work on them some more.  I want to show her in halter then end of April just for the fun of it.  She needs to get out a little around other horses and people.  I need to get on her but was hoping Marilyn would come and ride her first.  It has been so cold and nasty for the most part I wouldn't want to ride anyway.

Rusty has an abscess in her foot.  We are soaking it in Epsom salts in warm water.  She doesn't seem to mind that.  Bob trimmed up her feet today.  She really likes Bob  but if I go around her she tenses all up and glares at me.  I have said before that she doesn't like me and she doesn't.

So much for our Saturday.  There was a sale we wanted to go to today but just couldn't get there.  We love to go to farm sales.  You never know what you will find.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This is Ed.  He was born on Saturday.  After a long and tough labor his Mama died and he was delivered by C section minutes later.  She had hurt her hip on the ice and we had been babying her along hoping she could have the baby OK.  She didn't.  He is at least 3 weeks early, really tiny.  He could not suck or stand.  And to top it all off, we were gone.  We were in Ellensburg at the Back Country Horsemen Rendezvous.  We had ridden with Bob and Vikki.  He is the state president so we could not come home.  How do you even say thank you to your neighbors who stepped in and took care of everything.  Shannan, John and Teresa and Katie. 

We came home to this little guy in a blue tote in Shannan's kitchen.  He got all the shots he needed.  Can't remember all of them but they probably saved his life.  Shannan had to go out of town and Ed got moved to Teresa and John's.  She is a pediatric neonatal nurse and she took care of him like he was a human baby.  He is recovering much faster however.  Yesterday mid day he sucked for the first time and this evening he sucked 16 oz down.  He got up on his own today.  They put him in a larger cattle waterer because he learned how to step out this morning and they didn't want him walking around her living room.  She hasn't had to tube him since Sunday night.  He will come home to us over this coming weekend.  He was pretty active this evening.  He will have to be in the house for a couple of weeks.  He does not have the ability to adjust his body temperature yet.  We did take his sweatshirt off today.

I know I am going on about Ed but to us he is a little miracle.  He probably does not weigh 30 pounds and is really tiny.  He is smaller than Katie's Golden Retrievers.

But all that aside, we had a grand time at the Rendezvous.  Spent more money than I should but got some things at the silent auction and the bucket raffle.  Plus I bought a beautiful necklace I will have to take a picture of and post it when it comes.  She had to do some lengthening and touching up the picture.  It is purple with a teardrop with a picture of Sage's head on it.  Just could not resist.   Barb Apple had a 3 part clinic and went to a couple of them.  Not the best clinic I have gone to but learned some things.  She does things differently than I have learned.  That is OK though.  And being with Bob and Vikki we sat at the presidents table and they called us the dignitaries.  I have never been a dignitary before.

The weather this week stinks.  Well not literally but it has snowed, hailed, and the wind has been treacherous.  It was better today but it is coming back tomorrow.  Snow has been predicted.  Spring starts tomorrow but no one told ol mother nature. 

Loving you all, blessings.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This is Candy, Katie and Cam's new horse.  She was given to them.  She is a really nice gently mare, in your pocket personality.  She is 20 but this day and age that is not old old.  She moves along really nicely.  Katie rode her with spurs, otherwise she is quite poky. 
Justin's first horse back ride.  Actually he just sat on her.  His socks were in the stroller.  He was happy as a clam up there.  Papa had a good hold of him and mama held the horse.  Katie wants him to love horses as much as she does.

I have worked with Sage a couple of days.  Now its rainy again.  Darn.  Saturday was awesome though. 

Nothing really much going on around here.  The chickens are laying, even the banties.   Lots of eggs.  The horses have been jumping and leaping and running around their pastures.  If it is decent tomorrow, I will go groom on Sage.  I want to show her at halter the end of April and it will take some to get her cleaned up.  I need her to get used to groups of people and horses.  I have a friend who will help me.  I can't run fast enough to get her to trot.  Mary has show drafts so she knows how to handle a big horse. 

We are going to dinner at a neighbors this evening.  Bob went with our friend Bob to pick up some kind of machinery and is not home yet.  He better get here.  He will, they were in Ritzville about and hour ago so expect them any time. 

Sorry I have been lapsing getting the blog written.  Just got lazy I guess.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My first glimpse of Sage in the corrals in Burns.  She did not look so big.  There were taller horses but...........she is.

I finally got my computer back up and running.  The post that the receiver sits on had moved slightly and got off point.  Meaning that is why I could get nothing.   It was not the cause I can only put one picture on at a time.  Oh well, one is better than none. 

Yesterday when Bob put the horses out, he just threw a rope over Dittos head and she follows, so does Rosie.  He forgot to snap Sages lead rope and did the same thing and she walked along with him just the same.  She is learning.

We had snow all day yesterday but it did not stick.  Now we have that gropple stuff a little on the ground.  After it being 54 on Sunday this is terrible.

We have our first baby calf.  Totally black.  We bought her mama at the auction so don't know the daddy, black I imagine because mom is as black as Eclipse.  That is what Bob named her.  Our other babies should start coming pretty soon. 

Rusty is in the round pen.  She is limping on her right  front foot.  We can not find any reason.  Her hoof is hot so maybe an abscess is working out.  Bob doesn't have a hoof tester.  She lets us look at her feet.  Bob trimmed Yuma's feet yesterday.  He stood like such a gentlemen.  I hope the people who took Chemmy are taking care of it.


Friday, March 1, 2013

This is another picture of Bob in the the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana.  I don't know who the ones riding darker horses but Teri is out front on her paint and Kassidy is riding the white pony.  His name was Izzy and her took that little girl anywhere.  She (Kass) is around 16 now, I know who the other people on the trip were but not sure who was who.  I know they had a wonderful time.

I went quilting yesterday and worked some more on my snowball but got the directions to one made with horse fabric I have been anxious to start too.  I always have so much fun with those ladies.  They are ahead of me but I don't care, its for fun. 

Sage was so funny yesterday.  On a normal day when Bob goes to put them in.  Ditto runs to the barn first, no need for a lead rope, then Bob snaps the rope on Sage and Rosie follows them.  Yesterday, Rosie was by the gate and the other two were in the far pasture behind the barn I think.  He put Rosie in and went to the pasture to whistle for the other two.  They came and Bob let Ditto in but Sage was tearing around whinnying and looking for Rosie.  Something was just not right.  When he finally got her to settle down and put the lead rope on her she was looking and looking for her friend.  When they got into the barn and there was Rosie, she gave a big sigh and dropped her head.  She was so worried.  One thing with Sage, she has a routine and gets upset when things upset that or make it different.  

I am off to have lunch with a special friend, Lisa.  She is so sweet and caring.  She is working towards a degree in Nutrition and Exercise.  In her early 40's she has Fiber Myalgia, 3 kids, a pastor husband and maintaining an almost perfect GPA.  Love that girl.

Maybe I will get some pictures of my own soon.


It rained some yesterday and our snow is just about gone.