Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

When I opened my gifts I had a nice little camera that I can carry in my pocket. I love my big camera but wanted one I could carry easily. My brother in law LE (Brownie) Brown had done all the adjusting and set it up for me. When I practiced off and on today and then put the card in my printer/copier etc. This is the first picture looking out at me. He is a dear person, sweet and caring. He has looked after my sister so faithfully since her health has declined and I am so grateful. Thank you Brownie for fixing up my camera for me.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with everyone here. We ate until we were stuffed, laughed, the kids played in the snow. Opened gifts. I made the grand kids either empty books or big snuggly pillows. They all seemed to like them. One of Bob's gifts to me was a massage. Can't wait to go have it. It sounds just about perfect. Everything that everyone received was received with enthusiasm and knew that it was given with love. I am so grateful for family.

Today we went into Spokane to some good friends for dinner and games. We spent more time just talking and laughing but the dinner was wonderful and worth waiting for. Katie - their daughter- and owner of her horse Abby which lives at our house- was glad to have us at her house. We have her here so much. It was a different Christmas than we have experienced but a fun day and it was kind of fun to sleep in until I felt like getting up. Don't get to do that too often.

The horses are fine despite nearly 4' of snow. I think 46" at the airport. I wished I had gotten up and gone riding this morning but didn't. I love riding in the snow. I wish we had more stalls. Liberty is looking like she might need some TLC. Bob said when Tyler gets home he will have him help him finish the last stall so she can come in and maybe get some beet pulp. It wouldn't hurt Ditto. With all the babying she gets, she is looking a little down. I don't think her Senior food and special hay is enough. And Pepper is still fat as a toad. I think he could suck air and get fat. LOL

Hope you all had a very blessed Christmas Day. What did you do today?