Wednesday, October 12, 2011

54 Years - Remember When

Did we not look like children playing dress up. Wow, I guess we were young. That was 54 years ago today. This evening we went to the Olive Garden and had a yummy dinner. I had Apricot Chicken and it had broccoli and asparagus and grilled tomatoes with I. I ate it all too. I will be stuffed until tomorrow sometime.
Bob was in the Navy and left six weeks later for the Antarctic. He got home in May.

I had a terrible time getting my pictures to load to Blogger. I don't know what was wrong. My computer or Blogger? I don't know. It took me 2 days of messing to get Nikki's picture to load off her thumb drive on to my computer. I get so tired of it not working right.

This little guy was 3 weeks old and a real pistol.

Kitty Lauman,s dog Daisy May

One of the orphans that Andi fostered. Isn't that a sweet face.

Loved her look.

A very Kigerish mare.

Tomorrow through Saturday we are having a Living Estate Sale for our next door neighbor. It has taken Bob a month to get all the stuff organized. We will have the gate locked and will not open it until 8. Our neighbor is failing quickly.


54 years -