Sunday, August 4, 2013

The top picture is a Stellar Seal the day we were whale watching.  Saw whales too but the seals were fun to watch too.

The lower picture is my sister on the whale watching boat.   It wasn't cold but windy.  We had a wonderful time that day.  I hope you are not getting tired of cruise pictures.  Do have others in my camera for another day.

Today we went to a BBQ and celebrated one of our great granddaughters 3rd. birthday.  Piper is a sweet little girl.  She loved the party and loved being the center of attention.  Will post pictures soon of the celebration.  She hugged me good by and said I will miss you Grandma.  Brought tears to my eyes.  Her sister was not there, was visiting out of town with a Grandma.  She is usually the more affectionate one. 

Good church service this morning.  Loved the sermon about How to be a friend.  If anyone who reads this knows Lorie of Cing Spots Appaloosas on Face book or has her on your FB friends list would you let me know.  She has not written on her blog since May and I am worried about her but can't remember her last name.  I would appreciate it. 

Hope you all had a great weekend, and blessings to you all,