Sunday, September 2, 2012

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Day One

Out truck all ready to go except loading the horses. They all load like angels.
Bissells rig in front of out somewhere east of Haugen, Montana. We did spend the night in Haugen at some corrals there. This was our first whole day.

There were fires all over the place. This helicopter was picking up a large bucket of water. That particular fire was up a canyon on the north side of the highway.

We stopped at a rest area for lunch south of Butte on Highway 15. It is really big country.

Angelo and Joyce's rig. He built it all. RV in the front, four horses in the rear part. It catches peoples eye.

Bob at our rig, same rest area.

Isn't it beautiful.

The rock formations were very different and awesome.

The Wise River down in the canyon.

I was fascinated by the cone shapes.

The last little town we went through.

We camped at this area for the night. Sage looks like no halter but she had her black one on and dragging a lead rope. They all thought they were in seventh heaven.

Set up for the night.

Watch for bears. Saw lots of sign but no bears. Just cows. They came just before dark. Lots of mooing.

It was a long day riding in the truck but we did OK. It got VERY cold that night. Bob and I both were looking for something warmer during the night. The altitude there is over 6,000 feet.

It was really a good trip and I will have more pictures. I took over 200 but I won't bore you with that many. I have told people that I did it, and now I can take it off my bucket list. I much prefer not going so far and just camping in our comfy trailer and riding out of there. However, I did enjoy the time and the rides once we got into our camp area. Packing in and out was way WAY too much work for me. I do appreciate Bissells for allowing me to tag along with them and my very green horse. More about her and our adventure another day. Bob was a big help and helped me when it was our turn to cook.

Blessings to you all,