Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LalalalalalalalalalaLa I am not listening

No new pictures tonight but these were cheery and I sort of need that this evening.
Today was my checkup visit with my cardiologist. I feel so good I thought he might just pat me on the head and say see you in six months.

Well that didn't happen. I have not gained an ounce and the only part of my recent blood work was my triglycerides were high but they always are no matter how good I eat or the exercise I get. BUT he told me he wanted me to lost 30 pounds and to not eat any type of bread or bread products and no potatoes or rice and to eat only yogurt and salads for the next month. I have been eating good and only having ice cream occasionally.

I will start getting more exercise when our weather improves. Anyway I am whining and admit it. I can not eat like that. So, I am kind of down in the dumps this evening. They drew blood to see if I am diabetic. I am not 3 weeks ago my blood sugar was 104. That sounds normal to be. Oh well. I will be 73 this week and I am doing the best I can. Dr. Fuhs, I am not listening.

Before I had to go to town and see my wretched doctor, I did play with Sage a little bit. I used Cowboy Magic on her mane and got the dreadlocks and wind knots all out. Most of her mane was fine but about 4" in the middle was a mess. Its all pretty now.