Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some days you have to be a mind reader to get a picture to appear on the blog.  At least a computer mind reader.  This is the sunset last night off my front porch.  We have beautiful sunsets here.  Never get tired of looking or photographing them.

My headache has eased up but still has not gone away.  I am not sure if its my need for new glasses or my sinuses.  Oh well, I have tolerated headaches all my adult life.  I used to have migraines but only about once a year now.  That is often enough.

It was sunshiny and nice today but not warm.  If it would warm up a bit I would be outside.  Spring is approaching anyway.  I am waiting for it to stay above freezing at night.  It is in the low 20's most nights. 

I started a stew today.  It takes about until the third day for it to be done and ready to eat.  Its in the crock pot.  I start out with the meat, onions and the spices for the first day.  Tomorrow I will put in the carrots and who knows what else.  The potatoes are the last because they get all squishy if they cook too long.  You all know though,  that I am sure.

If tomorrow is as nice as today I am going to work with Sage in the round pen.  She is such a good girl, I don't imagine she has forgotten much.  If Bob is around, I will have him help me get a saddle on her.  Bob swore he was going to start working Rusty but so far.................

Today Bob took 2 old computers and several old TV's that have been taking up space in the garage to a recycle place in Airway Heights.  Bob had Cameron take the hard drives out of the computers and he smashed them.  Don't remember what was on them.  Several broken down monitors too.  We were glad to find a place close to us. 

I hope you all have a nice Valentines Day.  Bob will take me to dinner tomorrow night and I am going to bake him an Applesauce Spice Cake with Penuche frosting.  I don't bake them too often because my self control is badly tempted.  I love it.  However, so does he and he would like that better than any card.