Wednesday, July 2, 2008


A good day overall. It is still hot - probably till Sept.- I promise I am not complaining. I worked with Sierra this morning. She got sweaty again and doesn't like it. She is a princess. I lounged her to get some muscle on her yearling body. Bob has some sacks full of shavings tied together and I put them over her back and she just looked at them. Took a bite at one of them but did not do anything. She did not mind the purple noodles flopping in the breeze and had a time with the big green ball trying to smell it and have it move. Did some work without the lead on her and she did very well. Bob was duly impressed but I really think he is prejudiced though. He thinks all I do is wonderful. That makes me very happy of course. I hope the judges in Reno think so too.
Katie came out and rode Abby today. Since we gave Abby to her she has come more often and is riding much better. She is a sweet girl.
Bob talked to Ramona in Burns today and we have another horse coming when we come back from Reno. A 3 year old filly. I have not seen her. Andi does not have room so I hope that Ramona can find a place to stow her till we can get there. He better think of a name for her. Tracey calls her Tank but I would go for something a little more feminine. Bob will come up with something I am sure. He named Pepper and Abby.
I wonder why my pictures went across the top. I wanted the one on the right to be down further on the page. Oh well, at list it printed.

Thunder storms

Last night I did not write because a number of thunder boomers came by and I had to turn my computer off. It makes me nervous to have it on with lightening striking all around us. That is the one part of summer I HATE. It scares me spitless.

I think the up coming storms are what convinced Sierra last night that she could leap out of the round pen. She worked herself into a sweat and she didn't like that either. God forbid that my princess sweat. She never has tried to leap out, not even the first day but she did last night. We just kept trotting until she settled down but we were both sweating. I put the biggest bouncy ball I could find a Walmart in with her and 6 purple pool noodles. Neither of the caused her more than a glance. She pushed the ball around some. I bounced it and bounced it off of her all over including her face. Not a reaction at all. I waved noodles all over and she just looked so am feeling good about that. We also worked on the side pass. She is doing much better. 2 or three steps of good. Now if both ends would do good at the same time we would have it made.

Totally off the mustang thoughts, our 14 month old great granddaughter fell off her Mommy's bed in the middle of the night and broke her arm. She usually sleeps with mommy until Dad gets home from work about 2 AM. She was so sad and pathetic looking. We went back in the evening and she will be ready to go home this morning. Her name is Lilianna.

I am going to try to add a picture of Sierra trying to get thru the front screen door from the front porch. Bob took the picture. She wanted in. She is a funny girl.