Saturday, June 1, 2013

Our grandson Seth celebrating turning l4.  He is so tall and is growing up.  A good boy.  He was kind of laughing because I had caught him with his mouth full eating whatever was in his hand.  Love you Seth.  Hope your year is wonderful.
Sweet Justin wondering why he is in jail.  He is a character and much loved by everyone.

I had another picture but evidently it did not come over here.  Oh well there is always tomorrow. 

Got a lot done today.  Katie fixed my printer.  It needed to reboot and I figured that but didn't know how to do it.  She is tall enough she could reach around the back and did not have to crawl under the computer table like I would have. 

If any one looks at the BLM Online Adoption site, I am really tempted by a chocolate palomino mare in Litchfield, CA.  She is absolutely gorgeous.  If I was not 75 and did not have Sage then I would be bidding on her I know.  I am not the only one liking her though.  She is going for more money than I could spend.  There is a pinto either in Burns or Litchfield that is up to $1480.00.  He is gorgeous too.  I always watch their online sales.  It fun even though I know I am done buying mustangs.  I would bring them all home if I could.