Saturday, May 9, 2009


For some reason, I have had a hard time getting the picture loaded. We let Rusty out into a little pasture today. She ran and bucked until I had my camera. Then, she just stood there to eat. Look at that mane and tail dragging the ground. She loved being out. We put her in her little pen this evening and boy was she mad. She will get back out in the morning. Rusty really does not like me. Next time I will send the camera with Bob.

This was a sad day for me. The gal who was my maid of honor at Bob and my wedding almost 52 years ago died this week. Her husband just found our phone number. How sad. She died of bone cancer and she would not allow her husband to call anyone. She did not want anyone to see her. She lived in Colfax. Patty and Clyde were at our anniversary party and we loved seeing them. Makes me sad. She and I were roomates in college.

Bob finally got the well going and all repaired. He is going to build an above the ground well house instead of the one in the ground. That was getting to be a real headache. We spent part of the day at Home Depot getting what he needed.

Have a scrumdillyicious Sunday. I wish my mother was still here to hug.