Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

He is pathetic isn't he. Oliver is basking in the extra attention. I don't know when we will take the bandage off. We tried to get some of the blood off his face but he didn't like it so we just left it.

Besides Oliver today I have been thinking about all the good things we have and how I can't imagine living anywhere else. Yes, we are tied here alot by the animals but can't imagine not being able to listen to the horses eat, watching the barn kitties bask in the sun, watching the baby calves in the spring. All part of our life here on our farm called Calico Acres. Sometimes I think I would like to travel like my cousin Joy. But can't imagine not having the horses and then I change my mind about traveling. We worry sometimes about getting too old to do all the things we do and what we will do but I don't worry about it.

Thinking too much brings nostalgia. So, end thinking for today.