Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sun until this afternoon late

We thought we had Emma in a place where we could get a halter back on her. She is the toughest nut to crack we have ever had. She broke out and then out into a pasture. Bob thought she was off to parts unknown but she just stopped and looked at us. I opened a gate and she went back into the round pen. I guess she had not been out in so long it was safer there.

Sage got her first pedicure today. She has been tough about her feet but with that foot especially she was very good. It has taken a while to get her to that point though. Now to get to her hind feet. They are terrible. Her feet are very tough but as long as I fed her she would stand there. We put alfalfa stuff from the floor of the loft in a bucket and she though she was in heaven.

Then I took her up on the lawn to eat. I just dropped the rope and she stayed right there and ate to her hearts content.

Rowdy. He has a brother that looks very much like him. His name is Rafee.

Don't know what kind this chicken is but we have 7. I think they lay green eggs. We have several black and some brown and a black and white checkered one. Also three small hens. None lay white eggs.

Oh the grass was so good. I used to let Sierra just go eat and she stuck around good. Sage just stayed really close but watched me when I was putting the feed in their stalls. When I picked up her rope, she knew where we were going.

Had the funniest thing ever this evening. I tossed the leftover stuff from making the salad for dinner - such as an avocado skin and the end of a small zucchini. Two hens were after the zucchini end. They were having a stare down, another hen ran up and grabbed it while the two others were staring at each other.

This is the start of my fourth year of blogging. Am flabbergasted with the amount of people who have logged on. Thank you all who are faithful and have been a real encouragement to me.